Monday, October 16, 2017

Low Fat Pumpkin Spice Peanut Butter

Hey Fit Fam,

If you know me at all ... you know that I love me some nut butter! I can't remember a day I've gone without it!

While healthy fats are your friend (don't fall for that low fat crap) ... there are times when you want the taste of peanut butter without the fat. For me this is typically pre/post workout when I like to keep my fats low(er) or on days when I'm going out to eat somewhere and fats are going to be plentiful!

In these cases ... I often use PEANUT BUTTER POWDER instead of the real thing. The problem?! One reason I eat nut butter is to get in HEALTHY fats and MOST of the peanut butter powder on the market is just a bunch of fillers or fillers with added protein powders. Go ahead and look at that PB2 or popular flavored pb powder label .. just a bunch of fillers!

But NOT the one I use.... Crazy Richards's PURE PB Powder has ONE ingredient ... PEANUTS!!

Their (real) natural peanut butter is MY FAVORITE nut butter. The crunchy is pretty darn good too .. I am just a smooth PB kinda girl! Theirs is so smooth and runny and you guessed it .. just peanuts! But it's nice to have a lower fat powder option that is the same quality. (I am not sponsored. Not Paid. Just love this brand.)
Speaking of NATURAL PB .. one reason most people hate it is because of the STIRRING required.
Well stir no more! I came up with a GENIUS HACK! Have you seen it on my Instagram?
If not ... check it out HERE!

Without further rambling ..  here is the recipe for my homemade PUMPKIN SPICE PEANUT BUTTER DRIZZLE!

You can use however many grams your macros allow! Mine varies based on what meal I'm eating and how much nut butter I want to use! But just as an FYI .. 6g is enough to cover my SWEET EGG WHITES and I usually do 10-15 for meals where I want a really good size serving. Just another example of how the serving size on a label is not ONE SIZE FITS ALL. Make your serving ... whatever size fits YOU and YOUR macros! That is the glory of apps like My Fitness Pal .. you can plug in BY THE GRAM! Whoop Whoop!

Here are a few of my favorite way to eat PB Powder (with or without the added pumpkin spice seasoning. It's just as good without it.)

* On my sweet potatoes (Have you tried THIS sweet potato recipe bowl yet? I eat a version of this almost DAILY.)

* On my sweet eggs (HERE is one recipe and HERE is another. These these don't call for nut butter but stay tuned because MORE sweet egg recipes are on their way to the blog.)

* On my chicken (yes on chicken .. add some cinnamon and don't knock it till you try it.)

* On Rice Cakes or Toast

* In smoothies or on top of smoothie bowls

* On my NIGHTLY PROTEIN ICE CREAM that you see EVERY SINGLE NIGHT on my InstaStory. All ya gotta do is order some LEVEL ONE by 1st Phorm and hit me up for instructions! Those hyperlinks above get you FREE SHIPPING and 110% money back guarantee if ya don't like it! But in case you need it. The URL is just Can you use a different protein? I'm sure you can but it will probably be runny/thin and not taste as delish! I have tried others in the past and they DO NOT WORK alone. You have to add thickeners (which often cause people bloat.)

* Last but NOT least .. on PANCAKES, WAFFLES, MUFFINS and my beloved #BAEBreakfastCake (More recipes coming for these coming soon. In the meantime you can check out my VERY OLD and VERY basic .. basic batter base.)

Oh and in case you missed it .. THESE (above and to the right) are the NEW Pumpkin Spice Pancake recipe I posted on Instagram that features this glorious pumpkin spice peanut butter drizzle. THEY ARE SO GOOD! I have had them back-to-back days .. just mixed up the fruit/toppings! Literally ... you do NOT need to put syrup on this stack!! I tried and it actually ruined the taste! This Pumpkin Spice Peanut Butter drizzle is all you need!!




Crazy Richard's PURE PB Powder
Trader Joe's Pumpkin Pie Spice

What To Do:
I mix together the PB Powder and a few shakes of the pumpkin pie spice (this is the ONLY one that I like.) And then I literally put the water on the tiniest stream possible and hold my container under the water while mixing with a knife (it's easier to get in the corners of my container with a knife.) I do this so that I don't add too much and make it to runny! I like mine not too thick .. not too thin. If you let it sit while you make your food it will thicken up a little. You can also put in the fridge and it thickens it some as well.

Sometimes I replace the water with melted coconut oil if I WANT some healthy fats but a different flavor than what you get from PB itself! It's so good!!! Not to mention ... Coconut Oil only has FAT macros! Peanut butter also has carb and protein macros! So this is a great way to add in some fat macros when that is ALL you need!

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