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Basic Batter Base - Simple ingredients to make CLEAN pancakes, muffins and mug cakes!

Hey Fit Fam .....

I'm gonna try to dedicated MONDAYS to posting a yummy recipe since ya'll keep asking for them!!
They may be ones I currently eat or healthy recipes I've gathered over time or tried post competition.
But they will all be healthier versions of stuff you may like!!! Just remember to adjust the measurements and even some ingredients to YOUR OWN NEEDS! My measurements on foods may not be what is good for you! If you only need 2 egg whites in the morning -- alter the recipe :) If you can have an extra one ... add it ;)

First up this week .... A Very Basic Batter Base (for pancakes and muffins).  Both these pics below used only the base - with cinnamon and fruit add ons!

Even many healthy recipes call for things that really aren't necessary when making pancakes or muffins. I have several such recipes throughout my blog. But this is the very "basic base" I use and then you can adjust it to your liking/requirements! Note that this is for ONE serving .. so whatever amount of oats or egg you use .. that is your serving :) For me it usually makes 4 muffins. How big or small depends on the amount of oats/eggs I'm using that day .. or if if I add fruit ( i usually wait and put it on top) or if I add protein, etc. You may need to adjust and play with the recipe a little until you get it how you want it!

* 3-5 Egg Whites **The more you use .. the more eggy I think they taste in the muffins. Pancakes I don't taste the "egg" at all. Probably because of the syrup I put on top! If you want to add more protein you can always lessen the egg to ONE (that is what I do) and add in protein powder!
* Ground Oats - The amount is based on what you want/need. I wouldn't use less than 1/4 cup (dry) or it may not make them right. The more oats you use the more they taste like muffins/pancakes. My husband usually uses 1/2 cup - 1 cup.
* About 1/2 Tsp or so of Baking Powder. I don't really measure this.
* One+ packet or liquid Stevia - more if you like sweeter!
* A few drops of Vanilla extract (optional)
* Recently I've also been adding a few drops of butter extract. But I haven't noticed much a difference from when I didn't use it.

That is IT!!! You just put it all in a blender (I use a magic bullet) or mix well by hand and there ya go .. a heathy batter base! This WILL be a little thin. But it comes out just fine! I have discovered if you put it in the fridge for like 10min and let it "settle" it bakes better. Don't ask me why, ha!

**Other add in ideas. It's endless. But here are a few ideas**
* Cinnamon (i always use this)
* Fruit (banana is a great sweetener in this. Also blueberries and apples are good in muffins)
* pb2
* real nut butter
* a little coconut flour, almond flour, arrowroot flour, ground flax, etc. (Usually 2 to 10g)
* a few dark chocolate chips
* crushed nuts
* 1st Phorm Level One protein powder - I HIGHLY recommend this brand only. It bakes really well and others DO NOT. You can add anywhere from 5g to an entire scoop! Use less oats or keep them the same! Up to you! But using protein powder really makes each mug cake unique!
* I like to "sauté" apples or bananas w/ sugar free pancake syrup in the pan after I cook the pancakes - and put on top!!! Or put some nut butter on top .. yumm!!!! I've also tried sautéing the fruit with walden farms caramel syrup! SO GOOD!!

I just use butter or coconut oil spray for my pan. But some real ghee butter or coconut oil is a good option if it fits into your needs!

For muffins - Bake in oven 20-25 min at 350 - or until brown. The egg sometimes gathers in the middle and bubbles. That will "sink" once you take it out of the oven. I use cupcake liners and still spray them with olive oil spray. These can stick sometimes!

** update ** 
For the muffins ... if you want even EASIER and in my opinion SOMEHOW they are better?! Try my 2-min muffins. Here is the basic recipe and here are some specific ones I'm in love with.

For Pancakes -  just make like pancakes on the stove :) Make sure you are stirring really well between each pour. The oats do go to the bottom.

For Waffles - Just pour this batter in a waffle maker! Crispy waffle heaven!  Just don't overfill or it will cause a big ole mess!

For "Mug" Cake - Pour in a ceramic bowl and Microwave for 1-2 min depending on your microwave. I would do 1min .. check it and then keep adding 15 seconds until it looks almost done. It will cook a TAD more once it sits for a few!

That's it!!! They are so good and feel like a "treat".. but the base is 100% clean!!

Eat Clean. Train Dirty

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