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I am proud to say that #IAm1stPhorm. Being a sponsored athlete is a dream come true, but what makes this sponsorship so exciting is that I was a loyal user of 1st Phorm products long before I became part of what they call .. the #Phamily.

I can’t tell you how important it is to make sure you are taking quality supplements. Not all supplements are created equal. Trust me when I say YOU GET WHAT YOU PAY FOR!! This is true when it comes to anything from a multi-vitamin, to fish oil, protein and more. You can read all about what makes 1st Phorm stand out by visiting their webpage. Make the change to 1st Phorm -- I promise you will feel and see the difference (i.e - no more gas or bloating some proteins often cause, no gritty taste, no fish burps, etc.) 

I love all of their products and am still trying new ones (they have so many) but here is a little rundown of my staples! 

Full Mega - Unless you are eating specific fish NUMEROUS times a week chances are you aren't getting enough Omega 3 Fatty Acids!! Rarely do people get enough through nutrition and this is why a HIGH QUALITY fish oil should be a staple of your supplement regimen. Quality fish oil is a MUST on my coach Layne Norton's supplement list and for good reason! If you want all the health and fitness benefits from Omega-3 fatty acids, such as, heart health, joint health, cognitive function, regulating blood pressure, and even aiding in weight loss ... Full-Mega needs to become part of your daily routine! Sure you could go to the drug store and buy fish oil .. but expect fish burps (yuck) and in many cases you would have to take 12+ pills to get the amount you need! 2 pills a day is all you need with Full Mega! You can go buy this elsewhere but in many cases you are just waisting money! Buy quality … get quality results!

M Factor Multi Vitamins -- I of course use the one for females (goddess) … but there is a version for men and 1st Phorm even has a pre-natal for expecting and nursing moms! Like Fish Oil .. you get what you pay for. So if you think taking one of those "daily" brands or a gummy is going to get you what you need .. you are wrong! Don't waste your money! Spend a LITTLE more and KNOW you are getting the micro nutrients your body needs to be healthy! There are many health issues that stem from deficiencies in micro-nutrients, and being low in them can cause some road blocks towards your fitness goals. Luckily you can get all your micro-nutrients in M-Factor.

Phormula-1 This is the protein you will use pre/post workout. It’s a whey isolate. My favorite flavors are Loop D Fruit, CTC (cinnamon toast crunch) and Milk Chocolate! I make CAKE out of mine after every single workout! Not all protein (especially whey) bakes well but 1st Phorm actually does! But you can also use Phormula-1 first thing in the morning to get a boost of essential aminos. (see level 1 description below, as it is suggested for meal replacement.)  

Level-1– This is a sustained release protein blend, designed to mimc protein assimilation of "whole food." This is what I have before bed every single night and any time I'm in a crunch and can't eat a real meal. This protein bakes better than any protein I've ever used, so most evenings I make mine into a waffle! I may also use this as a meal replacement if I can’t eat a meal, in your morning smoothie, stirred into your oats, or made into your pancakes! In the MORNING first thing, you can actually use Level 1 or Phormula 1. That is because Phormula 1's rapid assimilation qualities are great first thing in the morning to give your body a quick hit of essential amino acids to improve muscle growth! 

Ignition You will see throughout my blog that I preach about post workout nutrition! You not only need whey isolate, you should always consume a fast absorbing carb that spikes your insulin to replenish glycogen stores and take full advantage of the protein you are taking in. This is where ignition comes in. It bypasses your liver storage in order to hit your muscles instantly! Unlike other fast absorbing carbs, like sucrose, fructose, etc., Ignition delivers pure dexanhudrous glucose to the cell, causing your insulin to spike up to 6 times more than these other sources!! Other sugar has to collect in the liver first, then be distributed slowly throughout the body. Nobody has time for that.. especially your growing muscles!  This stuff was KEY in transforming my body for stage! People often ask me “how I kept my muscle” while on prep, and well, I have no other answer except my Post Workout -- which is one scoop of Phormula1 and about 25g of Ignition! My favorite way to have my post workout is a Phormula 1 cake with ignition icing .. yup you read that right .. cake and icing!!! Recipe HERE!

Downtime PM I have insomnia and major sleep issues. This stuff is amazing! Falling asleep and staying asleep is my biggest issue. With this product I don't necessarily fall asleep fast (it is more like it just relaxes me so I can lay down), but I do notice when I take t I sleep like a rock and don’t feel one big groggy the next day, despite NOT getting the 8 hrs of sleep they suggest. Downtime PM is natural and non-habit forming! It’s a powerful blend of sleep enhancing herbs, plus vitamins and other natural blends that aid in digestion and nutrient assimilation! What does that mean? Well, it means it helps you keep your metabolism efficient while you sleep! What I’m saying is that it helps with fat loss while you sleep!!! Another way it helps with fat loss is it helps reduce cortisol levels. If your cortisol levels are too high, not only will you have poor sleep patterns and a decrease in energy, but maybe even excess belly fat! Downtime PM helps decrease those cortisol levels!

OptiCore -  I like Downtime PM, but my biggest problem is making myself fall asleep. I can lay down and even if I'm relaxed I just can't seem to fall asleep quickly. Downtime PM certainly relaxed me enough to where I wanted to lay down and was good and relaxed, but I found that it didn't "knock me out" so to speak. This isn't the case for everyone. I know people that take it and are knocked out pretty quick. I think it varies from person to person. But if you are an insomniac like me .. I think OptiCore could really help you. The first night I took one pill. I fell asleep within 45 min of taking it. Slept pretty well and woke up 6 hours later feeling rested. The next night I took 2 pills and fell asleep within about the same amount of time. However I noticed I was OUT .. all night!!! Woke up 7 hours later (minus bathroom trips, lol) ready to GO! I haven't tried the full dosage yet (3 pills) but plan on it just to see how I feel! Can't wait to update you. But so far this is my favorite 1st Phorm product! And just like Downtime PM it's more than a sleep aid. Opti-Core™ was formulated to reduce your cortisol levels, bringing them back down to a healthy level, in order to promote optimal weight loss results and an overall healthier you. A prominent factor in reducing cortisol and maintaining those healthy levels is deep, restful sleep. The AdrenaCort Recovery™ in Opti-Core helps you unwind, and relax to reduce stress levels. By reducing stress and getting a relaxing night’s sleep, cortisol levels will be dramatically reduced. This optimizes your metabolism and allows your body sufficient time to recover to its full potential. 1st Phorm has addressed another key nighttime fat loss problem by adding their Lipozyme Optimizer™ to further enhance recovery by aiding in digestion and nutrient assimilation while you are asleep. A proper blend of digestive enzymes keeps your body's metabolism working as efficiently as possible, keeping your metabolism up, even while you sleep. This positive impact on your metabolism not only helps assist with fat-loss while you sleep, but puts you in an optimal fat burning state immediately upon waking. Fat loss and a full night of sleep -- uhhh, yes please!!

MegaWattV2  I describe this pre-workout as ADD medicine for lifters, lol. It gives me such extreme focus! It does have caffeine and a little bit of creatine, so keep that in mind. If you want stimulant free, check out AlphaCre! It has a bit more creatine than MegaWatt, so make sure and read the ingredients to see which one is best for you and your needs! This is by far my favorite pre-workout!!

AlphaCre - If I'm looking for a good workout without a stimulant .. I always turn to AlphaCre. Since I drink so much coffee 6 out of 7 days this is actually the pre-workout I take. Like MegaWattV2 it has creatine in it (which is a must for me year round to build quality lean muscle) .. it just doesn't have the added energy from caffeine. I find it somehow gives me just as much energy as MegaWattV2 .. but I can take it at night (which is when I prefer to workout) or with a cup of my beloved coffee! I train endurance style pretty often and this no doubt gets me through those grueling workouts! 

BCAAs - Okay. So I personally sip on BCAAS ALL DAY LONG! My coach (Layne Norton) is a big advocate of this. In short, they help prevent you from slipping into a catabolic state (the state in which where you are losing that hard earned muscle.) You never want this to happen! Sipping on BCAA's between meals, before fasted cardio (if you must do fasted cardio. I personally do not), during your workout and post work out helps keep your body anabolic! 1st Phorm’s BCAAs also help to facilitate fast loss and new muscle construction.  Also, by orchestrating optimal protein synthesis and by balancing the intracellular energy economy it is helping to decrease recovery time.  You don’t just get the feeling of being recovered…you are truly recovered!!! These are a MUST BUY for sure! They make getting in that gallon of water a day so much easier too because they taste amazing. Or if you want a little treat .. you should try my BCAA ProYo post workout. Just another creative way to get in this essential supplement! 

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