Wednesday, May 25, 2016

Stacy's Sweet Chick Peanut Butter Nanner Bowl

Hey Fit Fam,

I haven't been posting recipes or blogs lately for many reasons. The biggest being our cross-country move to LAS VEGAS! Things have been C R A Z Y! I'm also about to start prep for my 2016 season! I've been up/down on what show to do first this year and it's been a big emotional roller coaster. Now that I've decided I can relax some (well ... mentally anyway.)

Aside from that, I was really hoping to start doing YouTube videos with my blogs so I can show you how I make this stuff. My old kitchen set up just wasn't ideal so I was waiting until I got to our new home! Problem ... we didn't have any of our stuff for me to really cook and especially attempt to film!!!! After a month of being in Vegas we FINALLY got all our stuff (don't get me started on the moving company) .. so I"m hoping to figure out a set up to shoot some videos on my own and get going with that soon! I just have to figure out how to shoot it on my own! If any food vloggers have tips .. I'll take em! I also don't want to cook meals just for the heck of it. That is a waste. So I would only want to film when I'm actually cooking the meal to EAT, haha. I know lots of people set aside days and cook lots of stuff just for YouTube .. but I don't have the time or money for that, haha. So I need to be able to make it .. then EAT IT! I can of course edit and post the video later ... but my growling belly will not allow me to take forever filming these, haha.

BUT all those excuses aside ... I didn't want you guys to have to wait for this one! So many of you have begged me to post it .. so here you go!! If you are thankful that I finally posted this you CAN do me a favor in return!!!! I was selected to enter the Miss JetSet Cover Model search and made it to ROUND TWO! It is ALL VOTE BASED!! So if you have a second to GO VOTE you can vote at least once a day and sometimes they let you vote more than once! Click  HERE .... please :) You will see you can also "buy votes" and the money goes to charity. I've offered "rewards" for people who do this. So want a specific recipe, workout tip, etc. You can purchase votes and I'll send ya a video!! Just specify what you want in your message!

Okay back to the recipe. If you follow me on SnapChat (stacy mccloud) you have seen me post this on/off for over a year (since I started flexible dieting.) It's my favorite pre or post workout meal. I usually like to eat all my foods separately because I find it makes me fuller .. but there are some exceptions and THIS is one! Before you write off this must try it! The sweet, savory, salty mix up is a big ole taste bud party! You ready?!


Stacy's Sweet Chick Peanut Butter Nanner Bowl  
((serving of each item will depend on YOUR personal nutrition needs so amounts are not listed))

Chicken breast or tenderloin (I meal prep this in the crock pot or grill 2 times a week)
Roasted Sweet Potatoes (I meal prep these in bulk 2-3 times a week)
Sliced Banana
Peanut Butter
Sea Salt
Stevia (optional)
Coconut Oil (optional)
Red/Yellow/Orange peppers (optional) -- I actually use FROZEN from trader joes
Mushrooms (optional)

I take my serving of frozen peppers and mushrooms and put in a skillet with some coconut oil spray.
Once they are almost done I add in my serving of meal prepped chicken, sprinkle with cinnamon and sea salt, mix up and turn down heat.
I measure out my sweet potatoes and peanut butter.
I microwave my sweet potatoes. Then microwave my peanut butter in a small separate container. Here is where you can add the coconut oil. Just add it on top of the peanut butter before microwaving ... just a couple grams will do the trick! This is how I make ALL my peanut butter drizzle! While the peanut butter is in microwave I add my pepper/ckn/mushroom mixture on top of my warm sweets, add my sliced bananas on top of the sweets and then pour the melted peanut butter (or peanut butter drizzle) on top. Add more cinnamon and some stevia on top if you want (I always do) and DIG IN! Oh and don't you waste any of that PB drizzle. I take chunks of my chicken and use it to scrape the bowl so I get it alllllllllll, haha!

My little stella is hoping I drop this plate of deliciousness, haha! 
**I say optional on the peppers and mushrooms because some people may not like them. BUT they really do make the dish even better in my opinion and MOST important add in some veggies (fiber) and MORE BULK!! So this will leave you MUCH fuller for only a few more macros as opposed to only doing sweet potato and banana. Also ... if you are low on macros .... it doesn't take much banana! Just cut it up into tiny pieces. I don't use even 1/2 of one most times I make this unless I need more carbs that day. I'd rather have more sweets and veggies since they are more filling**

**If you are low on fat macros or limit fat pre/post workout (which I usually do .. right now this amount of peanut butter just fits in my pre/post workout meal) ... you could substitute a good peanut butter powder instead of the peanut butter. This is what I plan to do once I go on prep and my fats drop**

If you make this please @mention me on socials and we could even start a hash tag, haha. How about #StacysSweetChickPBNannerBowl -- boom :)


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