Sunday, October 8, 2017

Caramel Latte Cold Brew PrOats

Hey Fit Fam,

COFFEE:  The most important meal of the day.

No. Truer. Words. Okay .. coffee + carbs .. and also this fabulous Collagen Crepe.
But you get the idea! Coffee really is BAE. Oh and if you haven't checked out the GUT HEALING COFFEE that I have every morning .. get on it!

I can remember when I first became a “semi-regular” coffee drinker..... it was 2004 and I started out drinking the BAD stuff .. not the good stuff!!

Before I say anything else ... note that when I was a teenager and even in college .. Starbucks runs weren’t really the “thing”.  I don’t even recall a Starbucks being in near my college campus?! However I’m sure there was one somewhere nearby as I didn't attend a small university (ETSU for those wondering.)

I'm not saying I never had coffee before 2004. I was just not a regular coffee drinker. I would have a yummy (calorie filled) vanilla cappuccino from a gas station machine from time to time, a cup at work here and there, but it wasn’t until I landed a job as a Morning News Anchor tin 2004 that I started relying on coffee and even later before I actually started ENJOYING it. That is because I usually just drank the horrible news break room coffee at work. Sometimes I stopped at the gas station if I was out on a story and needed a pick-me-up. But ya ready for this … I didn’t even OWN a coffee pot until probably late in my 20’s! I know, I know, shocking coming from someone who literally drinks a MINIMUM of 40oz a day now .... and has a "custom" Starbucks drink I created a few years ago. it tastes like Nutella btw. Here is the link. Within it is both my REGULAR drink described and also my version of a healthy frappuccino!

Okay, enough random personally coffee history.
The bottom line is that my blood is 80% coffee and I love ANYTHING and EVERYTHING coffee related.
So when I created these Caramel Cold Brew PrOats .. I knew I had a winner!!!

Here is the recipe! If you try them make sure and snap a pic and tag me on Instagram!

I love seeing when you all make my recipes!! It makes me more motivated to post them!


Caramel Latte Cold Brew Oats


*1/2 to 1 scoop of Level One Caramel Latte Protein -- How much you use will really depend on how many grams of oats you use and how flavorful you want them!

You can order this protein (one of the ONLY ones that doesn't hurt my stomach because it's low temp processed and high quality) by using THIS LINK ( Using the link will get you FREE SHIPPING but also 110% money back if for some reason you don’t like the flavor, etc, But I promise if you like caramel and coffee .. you will! Vanilla Level One would also work in this if you want a more versatile flavor!

NOTE: You can also use this protein as a COFFEE CREAMER and it only takes like a tablespoon or less! You can stir it up really well but it’s best blended — hot or cold!

*Oats of choice using amount of choice (I use between 30-40+g of Bobs Red Mill gluten free quick oats. I get mine on Vitacost because they are cheaper.

*Water (or any milk of choice.) Use amount in cooking instructions.

*Optional: Instant Coffee packet. Or you could do already brewed coffee just don’t use the water. Use the coffee instead of water. 

*NEW Trader Joes FIND — Cold Brew Coffee Caramel Square. I found these at the check-out area! I only used 1/2 a serving and that was MORE than enough ... but use as many as you want.

*Trader Joe’s Espresso Pillows. I also find these at the check-out area. I also only used 1/2 of a serving ... just for a little extra texture for very few macros.

Make Oats as your directions tell ya to. I use quick oats so I microwave mine using the “hot cereal” setting (or a lower wattage if you don’t have pre-sets) for 2 min. I then take out and stir and let sit for 1-2min.

Slowly add in Level One Protein and (optional), Instant Coffee, and maybe a little more water .. then stir, stir, stir.

Microwave again for 1-2 min (watch so you don’t end up with a mess.)
Let sit again to get thick. Add more water if you want thinner.

** OR before microwaving that 2nd time, use THIS HACK for volume oats **

If you want DOUBLE THE VOLUME FOR NO EXTRA CARBS just some extra protein .. you can slowly stir in some pasteurized egg whites before you microwave that 2nd time. How much you use depends on how many protein macros you want to use. I usually use 3 to 6 tablespoons.

Put your Coffee Square(s) on top while HOT and allow it to melt into your oats! Add your Espresso Pillows if you desire (or any other coffee toppings you want.)


You can get 1st Phorm LEVEL ONE with FREE SHIPPING & 110% Money back by using THIS LINK (If you need it later it's just

What is LEVEL ONE and WHY DO I USE IT so much?!

Check my Instagram Story tomorrow (11/9) for details on what makes LEVEL ONE da bomb .. all the ways you can/should use it ... how it’s different than 1st Phorm's other protein (Phormula 1) and why it’s one of the ONLY Proteins that doesn’t hurt my stomach in ANY way 🙌🏼

If you miss the Insta Story or aren't on the gram .. just email me and I’d be happy to tell ya all about it!!

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