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Healed Not High: How CBD Saved Me

I am HEALED not HIGH. How CBD has healed me of almost all of my digestion issues from Celiac Disease.


If you are looking for the 100% THC Free Companies or THC/CBD blends I PERSONALLY standby they are all listed at the BOTTOM of this entry. Just skip to the bottom if you don't care about anything else!

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Hello Friends,

This is a long one!! So read it when you have some extra time!

In case you are new to the blog or my socials I should begin this post by telling you I have a TON of gastro problems. In 2006 I was diagnosed with the auto-immune condition Celiac Disease (after being mis-diagnosed and very sick for 5 years.) I also have IBS-C and unknown issues that cause me stomach bloating and hit/miss constipation.

This is a video post I made on Instagram earlier this year about what an episode can look like. (FlashPlayer is being crazy on here. If it won't work just click on the hyperlink.)

I've been strictly gluten free since 2006 (when I was diagnosed with Celiac) but I still have unexplained and sometimes very severe bloating, pressure, fullness and constipation. I've tried a gazillion medications, powders, pills, diets, etc. Some have had a small success and other have had none. I have good months and bad months but overall the unexplained bloating and irregular bowel movement have made life pretty miserable.

It especially makes competing as an IFBB Bikini Pro very hard. I could work my butt off and not be able to go to the bathroom or have an "episode" of bloating and my entire physique be RUINED in a matter of seconds!

For the past couple months I have been using something that has helped more than ANYTHING else ever has! Unless I eat something that would naturally cause bloating ... the bloating is pretty much GONE! I've also had ZERO pain and ZERO unexplained flair ups AT ALL (explained flair up would be the accidental ingestion of gluten. Which by the way ... did happen a few weeks after started this new treatment. I took a dose of one of my tinctures and within 15 min my pain went from a good 20 to maybe a 3.)

What is this "magic" that seems to be the ONLY thing giving me my life back?! There are many names for it .. pot, weed, cannabis, marijuana, lol. But no .. really it's none of the above. Well, not exactly. It's a non psychoactive COMPOUND that is in marijuana called ... CBD.

I didn't plan to announce to the world that I am a medical marijuana card holder last week .. but when a first of it's kind clinical trial was breaking news on all major news outlets I felt like I needed to go ahead and speak up!

To expand on my Instagram Post (which you can see here) my primary care doctor (who also specializes in medical marijuana) believed that CBD could benefit me due to my condition. I very hesitantly gave it a go. I think I had my card issued for like a month before I got the courage to go to a dispensary and get my "goods", haha! (Full transparency here. I'm not a pot smoker and never have been. I it back in like 1998/1999 and hadn't touched it since then.)

Since most people following my journey do so because they have similar STOMACH issues ... I want to make it VERY CLEAR that I use CBD for symptoms (inflammation/pain) related to having Celiac Disease. I DO NOT take it because of bloating that could be from food or poor diet. I have extreme internal inflammation from a MEDICAL condition. I don't want anyone with belly bloat to believe this is some magic solution for bloating. Bloating is often controllable by simply changing your diet, taking out or limiting certain foods (fodmaps, gluten, lactose, etc), increasing fiber, or even decreasing fiber, increasing water intake, taking probiotics, taking the Prebiotin brand of prebiotics, digestive enzymes, glutamine and even stomach massage. CBD is not going to fix a poor lifestyle or food related bloating!  I can still get belly bloat if I over do it on fiber, eat too many fodmaps that affect me, too many gassy veggies, or slack on taking my other supplements mentioned above.

While the bloating and pain are essentially "cured" ... the CBD does NOT seem to be helping with the constipation aspect of my stomach issues. I saw a nurse the last time I went to the dispensary and she suggested a specific strain of CBD in VAPE form. Essentially if I feel like I "can't go" I take a couple of deep hits while sitting on the toilet and ... just wait. I've only tried it twice and neither time produced any results. That said .. constipation is NOT a condition that has shown to benefit from CBD so I wasn't expecting results.

I am so excited to share this journey with you all. I know there is a lot of confusion/ignorance surrounding "medical marijuana (which creates judgement and misconception) but I'm willing to make a few people uncomfortable in an effort to EDUCATE those willing to listen and more than ANYTHING hopefully help others that may have a medical condition in which CBD may help!


Photo Courtesy: Leafly


There are THREE active ingredients in Cannabis. Cannabidiol (CBD) is one of the most prevalent chemical compounds in the cannabis (Marijuana) plant. Unlike the more famous and well known molecule THC, CBD is completely non-psychoactive.... meaning that it does not make you high. 

THC = High (but not necessarily if it's in low doses. Many CBD oils contain trace amount of THC yet still have ZERO psychoactive affects) and pure CBD = NOT HIGH.

I'll say it another way .... THC is the stuff that gets you high; CBD (cannabidiol) is the stuff that makes you feel better. Depending where CBD is sourced will determine how much (if any) THC it has in it and if it will make you have any"high" or not.

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Cannabinoids bind to special receptors on your cells called cannabinoid receptors. It acts on the body’s endocannabinoid system, creating physical changes in the body, which can be beneficial in many ways. Certain receptors are heavily concentrated in the central nervous system while others are found in almost every organ of the body. Cannabinoid receptors are found in the skin, digestive tract, and even in the reproductive organs! So you can see why/how CBD can help with a WIDE variety of ailments!!

Preclinical trials over the past four decades have found that the CBD shows promise as an:

anti-tumoral agent
Patients with more chronic conditions such as cancer and epilepsy often use medical cannabis oil extracted from high-CBD varieties of cannabis.

Also as mentioned earlier in this post, A FIRST OF IT'S KIND actual CLINICAL trial was released this week that shows that CBD . The fact that a CLINICAL trial was finally done is HUGE!
Read about it HERE.

To buy CBD derived from Cannabis you must live in a state where medical or recreational cannabis is legal. For medical ... you will see a doctor licensed to recommend you receive your medical cards. If you have an approved condition and are approved by the state you get your card and then simply go to a local dispensary to get it. If you go to a good dispensary, the people there can help you decide which type/method is best for you/your condition! I go to Essence Vegas and they have been WONDERFUL! They even have a nurse on staff some days! However nobody in Vegas carries the THC/CBD blend that I love most! I have to go to California to get that. But I hear they are expanding soon (more on this company below.) If you live in a state where rec is legal .. lucky you .. just walk in, ha

You can purchase it online. However it must be derived from HEMP, not cannabis. One manufacturer of hemp derived CBD created THIS state-by-state chart that breaks down CBD laws by state. As far as I know HEMP derived CBD is legal in all 50 states. However you MUST keep in mind that all of the hemp derived CBD on the market is effective or SAFE! Lots of scams out there, especially now that CBD is becoming so popular.

I have looked into a few hemp based brands that I feel safe recommending for those of you that can't go to a dispensary.. Here is the MAIN ONE I currently stand behind and USE MYSELF.  I'll include links at the bottom of the blog with much more information! So keep reading!

Hemp Plant: Photo Courtesy Waking Times
There are two types of CBD products available: products derived from “hemp” and products derived from “marijuana”.

The CBD found in both of these plants is essentially the same, it’s the legal definition that is not.

The main difference when thinking of hemp CBD vs cannabis CBD are the differences in levels of CBD and THC the oil contains.

In short, hemp CBD oil and cannabis CBD oil are the same. CBD is CBD. The difference is that CBD derived from the hemp plant is federally legal, whereas CBD derived from cannabis is not.

Now .. there has been much debate if CBD derived from industrial hemp has the same properties as cannabis-derived CBD. People argue both sides. Personally I have tried CBD from both cannabis and hemp and WITH THE BRAND I AM USING I did not notice a difference! Meaning .. both worked just as well for me!

Those that believe it holds the same medicinal properties state the following as "facts" (ie - opinions.)

*Agricultural hemp and medical marijuana both come from the Cannabis Sativa L. plant.
((However as I showed you above. Keep in mind that medical marijuana can also come from the Indica plant ..which naturally has more THC.)

*Agricultural hemp, which is often referred to as “hemp stalk,” grows differently than THC-containing cannabis, and looks similar to bamboo.

*As long as agricultural hemp plants are pollinated by members of their own crop, the genetics will remain similar with low levels of THC.

The biggest concern I would personally have about CBD from Hemp is where you buy it! There are many things to consider when it comes to potency and safety. I certainly wouldn't be going to Ebay or Amazon that is for sure! Also be aware of Social Media. While it seems there are LOTS of legit companies selling CBD .. some look really shady to me! See the next section for more tips below on what questions to ask when purchasing online.

photo courtesy: Leaf Science
I am probably doing a crappy job at explaining the difference in the two. I liked THIS article I found online because of the graphics. They make it pretty easy to understand I think. THIS is also a good one from leaf science that also probably does a better job than I am of explaining the difference. BUT please keep in mind when googling articles .. most places have some sort of bias toward one side or the other :)

Online... but please be careful! If you do choose to order hemp derived CBD, you want to do your research and ASK A TON OF QUESTIONS before you order.

I would ask the following:

**Are your products and batches tested by third party companies for quality and purity? They should PROVIDE TEST RESULTS on their webpage. If not, ASK THEM for them! If they will not provide this ... MOVE ON!

**Where is your hemp grown (region/country, etc)

**Where are your products manufactured?

**What is the dosage of the actual ACTIVE CBD?

I thought THIS was a great article that explains a little more IN DEPTH why you should ask these questions as well as some others they suggest you ask before purchasing.

At first (when I wrote this article originally) I only used CBD derived from cannabis and got it at a medical dispensary in Vegas. However, I ran out a while back and it was out of stock EVERYWHERE because recreational cannabis went legal here and they couldn't keep up with supply/demand! That forced me to RESEARCH and try another company or two that was HEMP based (100% THC FREE.) I am so glad because not only can I have a SAFE company to suggest to ALL of you .. but due to their extraction methods and TYPE of CBD ... I actually PREFER using this 100% THC company I found - most of the time! *they do also have THC options if you live in an area where their brand is available* 

For both THC FREE CBD and my THC/CBD blends ... most recently I love/use a company called IGNITE CBD.

I've tried several (trusted ones) and seen great results with all of them. In the end, this one has just been my favorite after lots of trial and error. That is the thing about CBD .. you may have to play around with dosage, methods and even brands since they often offer different blends, etc.

There are MANY other Hemp Based THC Free CBD Companies and products out there and lots of them are legit and trustworthy! The issue is PURITY. The black market for Hemp CBD is really bad right now. So I suggest DOING YOUR RESEARCH, ASKING FOR LAB REPORTS and staying on top of doing so when you re-order ... to ensure you are using a QUALITY product. Otherwise you risk putting something into your body that is contaminated ... or contains no real CBD and is a waste of your money! This is why I would be cautions when possibly purchasing at a health store, gas station or drug store. Many legit companies are starting to launch at these locations but chances are the sales clerks at these stores won't be much help. It's always best to research the company before you buy it!

I touched on this above and there are many ways. You can smoke it, vape it, put it under the tongue in drop or liquid form (often called a tincture), eat it in edibles, take it in a capsule, drink it in beverages or sprinkle on food in pre-made spices that are on the market, rub it on your body using a balm/lotion, soak in an infused bath, etc.

How you use it should depend on WHY you are taking it. A good company that you purchase from should be able to guide you!

I prefer to MICRO-DOSE meaning I take several small(er) doses throughout the day in order to keep a steady stream of CBD in my body at all times.

I use a hemp oil under my tongue every morning when I first wake up. I will use a it again in the  afternoon OR I'll hit a CBD or CBD/THC vape. Then before bed I take a pen that DOES have THC. I have found that a good 1:1 ration of thc/cbd is best for ME. Anything more (thc) and I often wake up after only 4 hours of sleep and CAN NOT go back to bed. But this is VERY INDIVIDUAL!! You will have to play around! That said .. HIGH doses of CBD have been known to create the same effect if you can't/don't want to use a product with THC in it!

By the way .. you can't overdose on CBD ... so don't worry about that, ha!

When purchased from a Medical Dispensary I feel 110% confident in saying the answer is YES.
Cannabis (in general) is actually so safe that it's basically impossible for an adult human to ingest a fatal dose. Keep in mind CAUSATION and CORRELATION aren't the same!!! Over dose is how people directly die from using "drugs" (and CBD is not a quote/unquote drug.) They indirectly die from getting "high" (lots of THC) and having an accident of sorts .....BIG difference.

Additionally, the U.S. Drug Enforcement Administration drug sheet for marijuana (that means it has THC .. again very different than just CBD) reports that no deaths from marijuana (yes even with THC) overdose have ever even been recorded!! So if marijuana (with THC) is that "safe" obviously the compound CBD is VERY safe!

As far as HEMP derived CBD goes. As I stated above ... be cautious. There are indeed tons of scammers out there when it comes to the "hemp seed oil" market. I can only stand behind the couple of companies linked in this blog. However I'm sure with your own research you could find others that are safe/pure!

Unfortunately, the answer to this question is complicated. Every country has its own cannabis laws, and CBD is more readily available in some regions than others. In the United Kingdom, for example, CBD was recently declared as medicine by the National Health Service (NHS).

In the United States the legality of CBD will depend on where it was sourced (as explained above.) Here is that chart again that breaks it down state-by-state.

I've already answered this but since this is the BIGGEST misconception about CBD I want to address it again. NO ... CBD (even CBD with low doses of THC) will NOT make you high.

Even when I used a tincture that was not THC free ( had a VERY low dose of THC since it' was derived from cannabis) it never made me high and did not impact me in ANY WAY as far as the way I "feel". I can drive, work, etc.

If you are still worried about this. Simply use CBD derived from HEMP. Such as the IGNITE brand I suggest above.

When it comes to CBD this is totally FALSE. I take it everyday and there is zero difference in appetite. The "hunger" you hear about is a sometimes a side effect of THC. Which is why many people (such as cancer patients) use a Medical Cannabis that CBD as well as higher amounts of THC.


Okay friends .. there you have it. I AM NOT AN EXPERT. I AM NOT QUALIFIED TO GIVE ANY TYPE OF MEDICAL ADVICE. I AM A CONSUMER AND A BELIEVER and wrote this blog simply to help educate you on what I've learned about CBD. Also I am hoping to EDUCATE people that YOU DO NOT HAVE TO GET HIGH TO GET HEALED!!!! Please have an open mind and educate yourself from ignorance!

I found a webpage with a TON of more in-depth info and I highly recommend you check it out HERE. They cover many other questions you may have .. especially when it comes to Medical Marijuana with THC. Many medical conditions CAN greatly benefit from CBD with equal or even higher doses of THC (which would typically cause a "high" of SOME sort.) But I'll let you research all that on your own since this blog is mainly about CBD.

As mentioned above .. full transparency here ... I am also taking tinctures/vapes that contain both CBD and decent amounts of THC. I have one that I DO NOT use daily but "in case of emergency" or in "high stress" situations (which can cause Celiac flare ups.) It is a cbd/thc blend with still relatively low levels of THC compared to the CBD. It still does NOT make me high... but I wouldn't drive if I use it. As I showed you in the beginning of the blog ... I was exposed to some gluten and got very sick back in March.  I had JUST started CBD that very week. I used the tincture that has CBD and THC and within a few moments I was almost most pain free! I couldn't believe it!

Also ... as mentioned above ... I suffer from Insomnia (I've had sleep issues since I as a child) and I have tested out a vape pen that is a CBD/THC blend. Within 5-10 min of a few puffs .. there is NO WAY I can keep my eyes open!!!! It also makes me stay asleep ALL NIGHT LONG!

I'm so grateful for Medical Cannabis...which led me to try Hemp based CBD. I often wondered about MY PLACE in our big cross country move from Tennessee to Nevada last year. I left my career, family and friends behind. I was happy to do it for my husband, but now I see that God had a plan for me in moving here as well. I would never have looked into CBD had I not moved to a place where cannabis was legal (and in return learned so much about 100% THC Free Hemp based CBD.)

I have no problem saying it has changed my life. #CBDSaves


Feel free to comment below with questions and your experience with CBD! You can also EMAIL ME. I am NOT an expert but I'm happy to share my experience with you!

CBD I USE -- IGNITE CBD THC FREE (oil and vapes)

CBD/THC Blends I use -- Vape Pens, etc.

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