NPC Bikini Posing & My #Transphormation Team

NPC Bikini Posing
The biggest mistake I see most girls make on stage is not posing properly. This can be from having no direction, not practicing enough, not getting proper feedback or even trying to mimic another competitors posing when those angles do not work for their body type or even personality! Someone can have THE BEST physique on stage and not do well simply because of posing! So let's work together to POSE WITH PURPOSE! 

I offer both IN PERSON sessions in the Las Vegas area (and Nashville when I'm visiting) as well as video chat sessions from anywhere in the world! 
For pricing and information please email me!


So this isn't exactly COACHING. If you want true coaching for lifestyle or contest prep I would be happy to refer you to someone!

I'm more of just a mentor/cheerleader! I am excited to be a "coach" for the 2017 1st Phorm Transformation Challenge!! 
Upon signing up and completing all the proper steps, you will have FREE resources, CUSTOM macro/calories, meal plans, workouts for all levels of fitness (home or gym), be part of a private FB group full of extra tips, tricks, recipes and more (hosted by yours truly) and have me there with you cheering you on every step of the way! Who is ready to TransPHORM inside and out?! 

Click HERE to sign up! You can choose from a FREE monthly membership ... or one of the recommended stacks! If you pick a stack upon signing up ... you can switch to the FREE subscription at any time and visa versa! Signing up with a stack from the beginning saves you $$ on some of the products that I will recommend you take during your journey! 

Feel free to email me if you have any questions about the stacks.
Or go ahead and sign up for FREE and we can discuss the supplements that will best fulfill YOUR needs once you are an official "transphormer" :)