* S E R V I C E S *

(Las Vegas Area)

I offer one-on-one and "buddy" (two-in-one) training in the Las Vegas area!

I currently train all of my clients at CITY ATHLETIC CLUB. All of my clients get a SPECIAL DISCOUNTED MEMBERSHIP RATE and only pay month-to-month (no long term contract) 

If you train have an apartment/condo/home gym we can discuss me coming to you instead!

My pricing varies based on how many times you want to train each week and how long you are willing to commit! The more you train ... the less you pay!

EMAIL ME TODAY to for full pricing details!

*Lifestyle Clients Only. I do not currently offer "prep" coaching. If you need a referral I can send you to someone for ON season Prep Coaching.*

Don't live in Las Vegas? NO PROBLEM! I train clients from all over the world via email, text and video chat!

I offer 6-week and 12-week contracts that can then extend on a month-to-month basis at a discounted rate -- with no contract required!

These programs are 100% CUSTOM TO YOU! Every detail is planned out based on each individual client. This is YOUR training program....not some cookie cutter plan spit out on the internet! Training/cardio will based on your fitness level, days committed to training, where you train, etc.

The plan also includes CUSTOM nutrition via macros/calories. Adjustments to both training and nutrition are made as needed based on a clients progress/goals.

I do not currently write cookie cutter 'meal plans" but if this is something you would prefer over macros we can discuss possible options! 

Pricing varies based on the services you need! Please EMAIL ME so we can figure out if we will be a good fit and what package you may be interested in purchasing!

Several times a year I offer GROUP CHALLENGES! These are VERY similar to my one-on-one coaching ... just a little less custom and a little less one-on-one support.

They are great for people getting started, needing a change up or wanting to see if we will be a long term fit before committing to one-on-one coaching!

The price of my challenges are SUPER affordable. Typically no more than a couple bucks a day!

MY MOST RECENT CHALLENGE is called the No YoYo New Years Challenge. In short, I want you guys to have a SUSTAINABLE approach to "diet" and fitness. Forget the FADS and start developing healthy habits that you can stick to for LIFE!

This challenge is EIGHT WEEKS long and you will receive workouts, cardio, custom macros, custom supplement/vitamin suggestions, weekly check-ins with in-depth email replies, accountability, mental health support, 24/7 email access, access to a private FB group and MORE!!

Deadline to enter this challenge is 1/4/2019. Program begins 1/7/2019.

If you missed this one stay tuned to MY INSTAGRAM and/or sign up for my emails (on the home page or pop up here on my blog.) 


Someone can have THE BEST physique on stage and not place well because of posing! I see it at EVERY show. A few minor tweaks could have totally changed the outcome!

You spend hours in the gym and focusing on nutrition....why would you neglect posing?

You can NOT rely on YouTube videos or attempting to mimic your favorite bikini Pros routine. What works for them may not work best for YOU and your physique/personality!

You also should not assume that your trainers eyes are enough.
If your coach/trainer has never stepped on stage in a bikini and heels (numerous times) .. chances are they can not really tell you what to do and what to expect! I am a 2x Olympian and have been on stage dozens of times. I have been presented with every scenario you can think of! Let's work together to have you prepared and ready to SHINE!

I offer both IN PERSON posing sessions in the Las Vegas area as well as video chat sessions from anywhere in the world! 

Pricing varies based on location, length of session, number of sessions and if you are coming solo or with friends! Please email me for my rates!

FREE HELP -- Yes, free!

This isn't exactly COACHING but it is a great resource for those of you who can't budget in one-on-one coaching or join a challenge.

I will be more of a mentor/cheerleader rather than a "Coach".

This is a FREE program my supplement sponsor 1st Phorm offers. It is called the for 1st Phorm Transformation Challenge!

You can join in at ANY time! But the "official" start and end dates in which you can WIN prices and money are set at various points throughout the year! 

Go ahead and sign up NOW and then simply be on the watch out for the "official" challenges! I always post them on my Instagram and 1st Phorm is great about sending out emails!

Upon signing up and completing all the proper steps, you will have FREE resources, be given suggested macros/calories, sample meal plans, workouts for all levels of fitness (home or gym), be part of a private FB group full of extra tips, tricks, recipes and more (hosted by yours truly) and have ME cheering you on every step of the way! 

Click HERE to sign up! You have to use that link so that I am assigned to you as your trainer! 

Once on the landing page, you can choose from a FREE monthly membership, or one of the recommended stacks! If you pick a stack upon signing up ... you can switch to the FREE subscription at any time and visa versa! Signing up with a stack from the beginning saves you $$ on some of the products that I will recommend you take during your journey! 

Feel free to email me if you have any questions about the different supplement tacks. Or go ahead and sign up for FREE and we can discuss the supplements that will best fulfill YOUR needs once you are an official "transphormer".