Wednesday, March 11, 2015

Pregnant Models Tiny Baby Bump Sparks Big Controversy

Body bashers are now targeting a pregnant woman. An Instagram celeb/model is receiving backlash about her very tiny baby bump. 

Hey Fit Fam,

I get it. This fit chick is some kind of freak of nature. I mean how is it normal to be 8.5 months pregnant and looks like THIS!?

sarah stage fit pregnancy

The bottom line is that it's NOT normal, but it's not necessarily dangerous either! This is by far the smallest bump I have ever seen, so of course it could set an unrealistic expectation for pregnant women, or those that hope to become pregnant some day. Even the MOST fit women I follow that are/were pregnant don't look like THIS. I mean lets be real, this is what most of us look like after a massive cheat meal, lol! But does that make her tiny bump wrong or dangerous? Not at all!! And she certainly is not deserving of the BODY BASHING going on! It's called Fit-Shaming. It is EVERYWHERE and it is NOT okay.

Sarah Stage is a 30 year old model and Instagram celebrity who has often posted her baby bump at the gym. She has been showing off her tiny baby bump throughout her pregnancy and many of her "fans" have been lashing out with hate!! Some even saying that she is a baby killer! The media is now taking note and starting a firestorm of even more criticism.

In a recent post she mentions that her baby boy is 5 pounds (a healthy weight for where she is at in her pregnancy.) She has also pointed out in previous posts that her doctor says she has healthy, that she has gained roughly 20 pounds during her pregnancy thus far and in one post even said she only works out a couple days a week. But that hasn't stopped people from assuming she isn't eating, working out too much and hurting her baby. Doctors have weighed in on what is being called an unusually fit pregnancy and said that just because she has a tiny bump and ab muscles does NOT mean she is harming herself or her baby!! Pregnancy is NOT one size fits all and some doctors have listed a NUMBER of factors that could contribute to her tiny bump (most of which have nothing to do with working out or begin fit) -- they range from the fact that she was fit and had a low bmi pre-pregnancy, to placement of baby, her uterus, genetics - just to name a FEW.

If you are working out and taking care of yourself during pregnancy it doesn't mean you will look like Sarah and that is OKAY! What is important is that you are taking care of yourself. You can't use pregnancy as an excuse to over eat and not workout. Being in shape both during and before you become pregnant is important. I have a #FitFam friend that wrote a great book about prepping your body for pregnancy. It's called Detox Before You're Expecting. Check it out!

So there you have it. Not everyone will swell, have a big belly, retain a ton of water, carry their baby the same way, etc. There are some VERY lucky women out there and it seems that Sarah is one of them. So can we just leave her alone and celebrate with her that she is brining life into this world?! I mean, could you imagine the outpouring of hate that would be happening right now if the media started putting down a woman that gained TOO much weight during her pregnancy?! That is much more common and no one is saying that these women are being unhealthy or possibly hurting themselves or their baby. This double standard has to end. Society seems to think it's okay to bash fit or skinny people, but how dare we even think of saying something about someone that is obese? BODY BASHING anyone MUST END! How about we just encourage others to be HEALTHY - no matter their shape or size! And again .. I must point out that doctors are saying the fact that she "works out" may have very little to do with her tiny baby bump!

You all know I am an advocate for a STRONG and HEALTHY body. I am a cheerleader for anyone that is putting in the work, exercising, eating well, not making excuses and not giving up! As for everyone else (in either direction) .. I just don't have the energy to care one way or another and you shouldn't either. This girls tiny bump shouldn't be a news headline. But I think now that it is, it's bringing up some important topics (the importance of exercising/eating well during and before pregnancy and that all bodies are different) and that is GREAT.

Let's just all aim to be healthy and happy with the body YOU are capable of achieving! But please stop comparing yourself and your journey to others -- and STOP the body bashing and fit shaming!!! Fit folks have feelings too ya know :)

Eat Clean. Train Dirty.

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