Welcome to Simply Stacy, a little corner of the world wide web that I hope is a big resource in your quest to becoming a healthier & happier you! 

Okay, so you may be asking yourself, who is Simply Stacy? My name is (you guessed it) … Stacy! I am not an expert and certainly don’t claim to know all the “science” behind eating and exercise, and I definitely don’t have all of the answers. This page is simply tips, workouts, thoughts and motivation. Things that have worked for myself and other “Fit Fam” friends!  While I am not a certified health or fitness expert (yet .. I may be getting some certifications soon), I have been coached by the best, I know a thing or two about being healthy and working out and am the queen of research! One thing I can promise you is that if I write my opinion about something … I’ve looked into the topic! That is actually my background! My degree is in Broadcast Communications and for years I was a news reporter and anchor. Then about 6 years ago, I made the move to Nashville, Tn to report on only music & entertainment! Most recently I was in your tube on Fox Nashville, GAC Headline Country and Powerblock TV! You may have also seen me backstage the past two years doing all the interviews for the LIVE Mr. Olympia webcast! 

Currently I am a freelance TV host/reporter with dreams of combining BOTH my TV and Fitness background! Speaking of … got a gig for me? Check out my YouTube Channel for all my reels!  Email me at simplystacyfitness@yahoo.com, and I’d be happy to get you my resume as well!

As for my fitness background, I am a research freak, gym junkie, health nut, flexible dieter and IFBB Bikini Pro. I am also a sponsored athlete, fitness writer and published fitness model. I could write all day about why I decided to live a healthier lifestyle but if you have a moment, please check out this video instead. While it needs some updating (it was filmed before I earned Pro Status) .. This is me .. I am Simply Stacy.