Wednesday, October 4, 2017

#StacysSweetEggs - Mixed Berry Collagen Crepe

Hey Friends,

If you haven't figured it out ... I have become a HUGE FAN of some very specific collagen products in 2017.

I need to update the blog entry because I've added new products and new ways that I am incorporating this into my daily regime .. but HERE is the blog I did on "Healing My Gut With Collagen" a few months back. Please check it out and of course let me know if you have any questions about which products may be best for you.

I have been using Vital Proteins since about January and just recently visited their headquarters in Chicago for a VP Fitness Summit to learn more about their company and their products. It was so motivating and educational. I am excited to have fallen in love with a product and in return am becoming a little more incorporated with their brand!!

We all know that I have my GUT HEALTH COFFEE every single morning but here is another way that I get a different form of collagen into my diet at breakfast.... flavored Collagen Peptides!

These crepes are yummy and depending on how many you want to make pack a great little collagen peptide punch! Since I also have my #BaeBreakfastCake (recipes for this coming soon but I do have an OLD basic batter base and few other bfast cake creations on here. I also have another sweet omelette creation that is similar to this one but it was before I discovered collagen so doesn't contain this amazing ingredient. You can easily add it. VP has several other peptide flavors.)

I have this collagen crepe as more of a "side of protein".  If I was making it as my SOLE source of protein at my meal I would add MORE Mixed Berry Collagen Peptides and MORE egg whites!
This recipe only makes 1-2 little crepes! So you can easily change the amounts to fit your macro needs!


5-10g (or about a 1/2 scoop) of Mixed Berry Collagen Peptides
5 tablespoons (76g) of Pasteurized Egg Whites (the kind in a carton)
Fresh Berries of choice

What To Do:
Combine the ingredients and stir really well with a whisk or fork
Add 1/2 of your berries to the batter
Pour batter in a small skillet on medium heat -- you can pour it all at once to make more of a pancake texture or split it up into two and make more of a thin crispy crepe style texture.

Cook until bottom is done and top is firm. Flip!! You can also put a lid on it to cook faster but I think it makes it less typically I just try to be patient!

Microwave the rest of your berries and mash em up with a fork .. put the berry mixture inside the "crepes" and on top.

You can then top with any other toppings you want. Things like whipped cream, pancake syrup, honey, granola, etc. I usually just add a sprinkle of stevia AND my little secret gut health powder. 

There ya have it!! That is it! I hope you enjoy my little SWEET EGG creations you see me post about as much as I do! I'll post more variations of how to make your egg whites SWEET instead of SAVORY in some recipe posts in the near future! If you don't want to miss a blog make sure and head back to the HOME page, scroll to the bottom and enter your email under "Follow By Email"


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