Friday, July 7, 2017

Gut Healing Coffee

Hey Friends,

Beef .. it's what's for .. breakfast?!

I'm about to tell you about my latest "gut health" supplement and it's gonna sound a little gross.
But trust me on this one!

This coffee add in has NO flavor but turns your everyday cup of joe into a super frothy Crema coffee creation in about 10 seconds!! Plus it has GUT HEALING powers!

For those of you that already grabbed the recipe from my Instagram and are just looking for the info on the gut healing benefits of Beef Gelatin HERE IS THE LINK to a blog I wrote about the benefits of collagen...including the specifics on Beef Gelatin!

Okay on to the coffee.

Coffee that is also GUT HEALING?!

Oh and look at that FROTH! (I didn't realize HOW much froth it made the first time and it spilled over. Yes it's that frothy!)

WIN...WIN...and WIN!!!

I could not tell you how long it's been since I've gone a day without coffee. Years .. many, many years! Not that I ever plan to stop drinking my daily cup(s) of joe .. but now that I have discovered this little combo I have even more reason to keep on caffeinating!

I've posted before that I started adding specific types of Collagen to my diet. I use Collagen Peptides, Beef Gelatin, ckn/beef broth collagen, collagen creamers, whey collagen and more from Vital Proteins. I don't use all of these every day .. I pick one or two and mix and match to get NO LESS than 20g of Collagen a day total! But everyday ... I HAVE THIS COFFEE!

The beef gelatin (as I stated .. is flavorless) somehow magically creates a creamy FROTH!
It's like Crema Coffee .. but with GUT HEALING benefits! Y'all this is a GAME (errr gut) CHANGER! Order some Beef Gelatin and DO IT!

(Oh and you can use Beef Gelatin in SO many other ways .. ice cream, smoothies, gummies, thickener for soups, etc. More recipes will be coming your way soon. Subscribe to the blot or keep an eye out on Instagram.)

Gut Healing Frothy Coffee

🔺Brew your coffee of choice
🔺1 scoop or less of Vital Proteins Beef Gelatin (I use 5g per 20oz of coffee ... 2x a day.)
🔺Any other add ins you like in your coffee (stevia, creamer, coconut oil, ghee butter, etc. I only use stevia and sometimes sf coffee syrup.)

What To Do:
🔺Brew coffee as usual.
🔺Transfer it to a high speed blender (I use a Ninja.)
🔺Add the beef gelatin and any add ins of choice.
🔺Blend until nice and frothy!
🔺Pour, admire the froth, snap a pic, post it in your Instagram story or on your Instagram page, at mention me (@stacymccloud) and use the hashtag #GutHealingCoffee.
🔺ENJOY your daily pick me up with added gut healing benefits!

Wanna make this creation even better?! Add a tablespoon or so of 1st Phorm Caramel Latte Level One if ya need some more protein and want a Caramel Latte!

Or just purchase one of the NEW Vital Proteins Collagen Coffee Creamers! It doens't take much of this stuff. I usually do 5g of the collagen creamer and 5-10g of the Beef Gelatin! SO GOOD!

Move over Starbucks! I honestly don't even WANT to go anymore (not kidding. I prefer my coffee.)

To order 1st Phorm with free shipping just use the link
You do have to use that link each time you order to get the FREE shipping!

For Vital Proteins orders ... I  don’t have a discount code but I DO HAVE A LINK.

I’d love it if you would use it! CLICK HERE (or any of the product hyper links in my blogs) and it will take you straight to my affiliate page. You do have to use thee links each time for your order to be "associated" with me. Using these links doesn't pay my bills (lol, not yet anyway) but it does support me and lets companies know I've helped you! So it is basically your way of saying "thank you" ... which allows me to continue to provide more FREE content and recipes here on the blog!

If you have ANY questions about which VP products may be best for YOU .. never hesitate to email me!

Happy Gut Healing,

Want another GUT tip?
Check out my blog from last week on THE OTHER BIOTIC!!

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