Friday, May 16, 2014

Beware of the Frappuccino :)

Hello ...

Every Starbucks lover favorite time of year has happened - FRAPPY HOUR!!

I should have posted this at the beginning of "Frappy Hour" .. but better late than never...right?
Be it during this very popular week - or anytime this summer - this blog is to caution you before you do as their lovely drive thru sign says!!!

NO!! Don't say YES!!

You don't even want to know how many calories, carbs, sugars that a REGULAR Frappuccino of any kind has in it (feel free to google it .. but it's bad..real bad). BUT did you know that the "light" versions really aren't that light?! For example ... A Grande Skinny Caramel Frappuccino has l40 calories and no fat -- wow, right?!  NO!!!!! Go online and read what they DON'T advertise on the menu!!  It also has lots of carbs (30g) and tons of sugar (29g). So ya see, a "light" Frappuccino really isn't all that .. light. It's actually still HORRIBLE for you!!! They are okay for a "healthier" treat ... but I think they are very misleading for someone trying to be fit, watching what they eat or lead an overall healthy lifestyle.

Since I almost always have a Starbucks in hand - what do you order at Starbucks is a question I get just about weekly. I have all my favorite drinks. What I have depends on my mood, if I'm training for anything, if it's cold, hot, or a REALLY hot summer day.  One thing that stays the same is that I never order just a regular Starbucks. I ALWAYS order my own "skinny" combo ...  rarely anything that is listed on the menu. But even those drinks can be full of empty calories if you don't know what/how to order.

Back when I thought "skinny" meant "okay" and felt I deserved a little "treat" - I would get a Grande Skinny Vanilla Latte (I sweeten with my own liquid stevia because Starbucks has yet to provide it - boo).  I always save those for splurges though, because while they have lower cals/carbs/sugar, it's still A LOT to waste on a coffee drink!


I came up with this little combo a couple years ago and it legit tastes like liquid NUTELLA.
I order a Venti Americano. Hot or Cold is up to you. I do 2 pumps SF Hazelnut and 2 pumps SF Mocha! I adjust the pumps to 1 and 1 or 1 and 2 - if I do a Grande! I bring my own liquid stevia and add that. But you can order with Splenda.  

** Update ** Starbucks has discontinued SF Hazelnut (should we start a petition to get it back, errrrr) .. so now I just do 2 pumps SF Mocha and if I'm going home I add my own SF Hazelnut I keep at the house. If I'm on the go .. I just do the SF Mocha.

Now for those sunny hot summer days when I just want a milkshake or frappuccino....I have come up with a blended drink! Your barista may hate you and some may even tell you it's not possible .. but it is. I actually stopped ordering it because I feel like it's not worth the hassle and also weaker than my iced Americano.....but it is very tasty and may help if you are craving a blended drink! 

This first drink I am showing you was is all over the internet and is called a #Sexpresso (don't order it like that at Starbucks. It's safe to say they have no clue about this drink most places, ha).

The description floating around online is:

Order a Trenta cup .. 3/4 full of ice and water (to the bottom green line) .. 2 shots of Espresso .. 2 pumps SF Caramel .. 2 pumps SF Cinnamon Dolce .. 2 Splenda ( ONLY because I didn't have my liquid stevia with me). This is a picture of mine the other day.

I tried it and while it was good ... I thought it was super weak. Why?! Because the Iced Venti Americano I usually get has four shots of espresso ... not two!

So I've come up with my own version of this. Plus I'm just not a big cinnamon in coffee fan. Annnnd this is MUCH easier to order than the long description above.

I order a Venti Double Blended Americano ... with whatever SF pumps I want (pretty much alwasy SF Mocha because I think all the other ones just taste like chemicals) ... and again I used my own liquid Stevia. It was MUCH better!!! I do think you need to tell them to go light on ice/water. Also this often fills up more than one cup. Tell them you want allllll of it, haha. You can also do this with cold brew coffee if you don't want espresso (ask them to hold any simple syrup.) Just tell them you want cold brew .. double blended with ice ... no syrup .. sf pumps. That is it!

One word of warning. The barista may try to ask you "don't you want our "Frapp Blend" added. The answer is no....YOU DO NOT WANT THE FRAP BLEND! Frap Blend = Calories :)

Eat Clean - Train Dirty :)

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