Wednesday, April 12, 2017

Healing My Gut With Collagen

Hey Fit Fam,

Some days I wonder if I'll ever have answers. Most days I know that my stomach issues are just the effects of having Celiac Disease .. I can tell. However I can't help but wonder if something else is going on. As I've mentioned before .. it's really easy when you KNOW you have a condition to blame any symptom on that condition. But there are a few things just not adding up lately. I have 2 doctors appointments this week and one in May. I am hoping that we can rule out any other reason I'd still be having these random flare ups. At least then I would know it's not something else and can go from there. That said .. for months now .. I've been trying different natural products/supplements with strong scientific backing that they will improve gut health.

I posted a while back about "Supplementing With Curcumin." I've been doing that for about 3-4 months now. I'm honestly not sure I notice any difference using it. The pills aren't cheap so I may go back to just cooking one meal a day with turmeric and black pepper (the turmeric is what has the anti inflammatory properties but you should have black pepper with it. See the linked blog for info as to why.)

Today I want to talk about the most recent thing I've added to my arsenal of supplements... COLLAGEN! Collagen is an essential nutrient that is stripped from our diets by modern food-processing. Collagen production also slows as we age .. however our need for it grows! So supplementing with collagen can be VITAL for many of us (especially those of us with gut issues.)

I took tablet collagen years ago but didn't notice ANY change. I started reading up and did a ton of research about what kind of collagen is best and what my body needs for both overall gut health and gut healing. After hours of reading and testing out two particular collagen products for a few weeks ... I am certain that the best way to supplement with Collagen is with products from a company called VITAL PROTEINS. 

Vital Proteins products use natural sources of essential proteins, sourced from pasture-raised cows in Brazil and New Zealand and wild-caught fish in Hawaii. Key here .. purity! As you know with any supplement I take .. purity is VERY important to me!!! This is why I ONLY use 1st Phorm for my daily vitamins, fish oil, meal replacement protein and pre/post protein. They do not have a collagen protein. So I had to search elsewhere! I'm so glad I discovered Vital Proteins!

They carry SO MANY different collagen products. If I'm going to have to use some of my protein macros (collagen does have protein) then I wanted to choose ones that I can cook with, lol.  But also the ones I believe will benefit my gut the most. After consulting with their amazing customer service I picked Collagen Peptides and Beef Gelatin. 

Here is a little more info on each!!


Vital Proteins Collagen Peptides are sourced from grass-fed, pasture-raised bovine hides to ensure a natural, high quality, and sustainable source of this ancient nutrient. Collagen is the most abundant protein in the body ensuring the health and vitality of your skin, hair, tendon, cartilage, bones, and joints.

For those with more serious gut issues (me, me, me) these Collagen Peptides seem to be a good place to start. They are produced via hydrolysis, which essentially helps to pre-digest them so they assimilate into the body quicker. They do not gel (like beef gelatin. read about that below)....but will dissolve into any liquid, hot or cold, making them a very simple addition to your diet.

These natural peptides are highly bio-available, digestible and soluble in cold or hot liquids.
So you can add them to your smoothie, oatmeal, mug cakes, pancakes, or really any food because they don't add any flavor (well the ones I got do not. they do have flavored ones.) They even have a RECIPE PAGE where you can find yummy way to use this product! I personally add 1 scoop to my morning mug cake or stir it into oatmeal. It comes in two sizes and also little single serving pouches!


Don't let the name fool you. This doesn't taste like beef, lol! Vital Proteins beef gelatin is pasture-raised, grass-fed bovine hide gelatin powder. It offers comprehensive benefits for health, fitness, and beauty. Collagen protein is often used to promote digestive health. How does it help the gut? Thanks to their gelling power, beef gelatin absorbs water in the intestines and keeps it there to aid in digestion.

The gelatin can be mixed into both hot and cold liquids, but will gel if blended in cold. I use one scoop of this in my Level One Ice Cream. While 1st Phorm protein is THICK and makes amazing ice cream by itself .. this stuff made it extra creamy and thick! I also have blended it into coffee and am working on some post workout gummies! I can't wait to finish them so I can share the recipe! Just like the peptides this comes in a large and small container as well as single serving packets!

The Vital Proteins webpage has a great blog about how collagen can help with gut health. Here is a little exert from it:

Collagens (and Gelatin) Can Provide True Healing -- Our Beef Gelatin and Collagen Peptides hydrolysate are a great, natural alternative to quick-fix medications.  Rather than simply masking symptoms, the 18 amino acids found in collagen have the power to prevent and even heal many digestive disorders.

Increase stomach acid:  aminos acids increase gastric acid secretion, helping to better digest your food and prevent heartburn and GERD. 

Heal stomach ulcers:  the amino acids glycine and proline protect the stomach lining from injury and even prevent ulcers due to stress via a positive impact on the central nervous system.

Aids in digestion: when eaten with other proteins or carbohydrates, gelatin will help to break down foods for easier digestion; and the gelling power of gelatin also holds water in the intestines where it is needed to help food move smoothly.

Heal and seal the gut lining:  the amino acid glutamine is proven to improve the lining of the intestinal track and heal “leaky gut” syndrome, a common condition where the lining of the intestines becomes weakened; a strengthening of the intestinal lining helps to prevent food allergies by keeping food from leaching into the bloodstream.

To read the entire blog post and to shop for Collagen Peptides and Beef Gelatin CLICK HERE! 

Another neat thing for my competition friends ... I know many of you all are told to cut out "protein powders" a week or two before competitions. I have found that the Collagen Peptides will bake just like protein powder! But since it's not "protein powder"....  it's all natural collagen protein ... there should be NO reason a coach wouldn't be okay with you keeping it in your "diet" ... especially considering "gut" issues seem to be a common problem amongst the bodybuilding community!

I will say baked goods TASTE better when mixing it with a flavored protein like 1st Phorm, but I DID test out using only the Collagen Peptides, egg whites, oats and some stevia (well I added fruit and peanut butter too, lol) and it baked great!!

I hope this helps you guys! I do believe it is helping me!! Look for more recipes that incorporate VITAL PROTEINS in the near future!!!


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