Tuesday, August 9, 2016

Peaches & Cream Protein Pancackes & Stuffed Sweet Omelette

​Hey Friends,

Been a while since I've POSTED a recipe. Usually I just post my food on SnapChat (stacy mccloud) and if someone asks what it is ... I tell them. To be honest there really aren't many things I eat that require a "recipe". It's just basic stuff thrown together and ends up really good!
I had some time to experiment today and instead of my typical fruit & peanut butter mug cake and sweet eggs/omelette .. or chocolate coconut pancakes and sweet eggs/omelette .. I went with a peaches and cream theme!!
I have no clue why peaches because I don't know that I even love peaches ... but I saw one at the store and it looked good, ha! As usual I just used a VERSION of the basic batter base that I use for my Mug Muffin (which changes day to day based on how I want to portion out my marcos, what my macros are, etc.) and just kind of got creative. 
When I say it changes .. what I mean is .. I almost always use egg white, oat flour and protein powder combo...but sometimes I use more/less oats, sometimes no protein powder, sometimes lots of protein, sometimes add in coconut flour, almond meal and/or ground flax, or even regular ole GF flour mixes if it's a high carb and lower protein day! BUT you can stick to egg white/baking powder/oat flour/protein powder (the basic base) if you want! I typically always just use ONE real egg white though! That is all it needs (with enough water.)
If you add or use different flours I've found that it doesn't change the taste that much, more of a texture difference and and the AMOUNT it makes pending what all you use! And of course it changes the macro count. The Basic Batter Base on here is an OLD entry from before I did flex dieting really .. so it may not reflect the way I make it now. But it's just a base you can use and then adjust. Anyway.. here is the exact recipe for the breakfast I had today!  I need to update my basic batter base since I've improved it drastically since 2014 when I first started blogging food, haha! Enjoy!
Peaches & Cream Stuffed Sweet Omelette
Sweet Omelette Ingredients 
 *Liquid Egg Whites - You can use real egg whites too. I just prefer pasturized ones for this. Again the amounts need to reflect YOUR personal macros. I use a minimum of 124g liquid whites (which is 8tbs)
*1/2 to 1tbs coconut flour (for the brand I use this is 4-7g)
*baking powder - I eyeball it . But use roughly 1/4 tbs
*liquid stevia - just 1-2 short squeezes
*extract of choice - today I used butter vanilla. but you can totally omit this if you want.
**you can also add like 5g of protein powder, a little oat flour, etc., if you want them fluffier. I just don't waste the macros on it**
Filling Ingredients
*2oz Peach Yogurt of choice. I used Kroger Peach Carbmaster
*3-5g Vanilla Protein Powder (optional)
*Stevia (optional) 
Topping Ingredients
*Peeld/sliced /steamed peaches. (to steam I put in bowl with cinnamon, stevia and if you want some walden farms maple syrup (optional) and steamed in microwave for like 20 seconds
*unsweetened coconut flakes (optional) I only used about 2grams
*slivered almonds (optional) I only used about 1tbs
Mix egg whites, coconut flour (and if using other flours/powders), baking powder, stevia. I use a fork and mix well. Pour in a "greased" skillet on medium heat (I spray mine iwht coconut oil spray. if you dont have that use butter spray) I don't really time it. Just until egg looks done. FLIP!!!
Same thing .. I don't time it .. just till done. Lower heat to low or off. Spread the filling. Fold over. Plate and top with more filling, the steamed peach topping, optional walden farms or sugar free syrup and enjoy! Oh I also sprinkle some powdered stevia and cinnamon all over the top for extra sweetness! 
Peaches & Cream Protein Pancakes
Pancake Ingredients
*1 REAL egg white. When baking I think it turns out MUCH better if you use real egg whites instead of liquid egg whites.
*Some water -- careful on this. Just keep adding until a thin batter consistency.
*1 spoon full of the "filling" from my crepe just cause there was alot. You don't have to do this but it made mine fluffier.
*Oat Flour (amount is up to you. today I only used 10g)
*Vanilla Protein Powder (Not an isolate. A blend. I use 1st Phorm Level One. And I'll go ahead and tell you all protein DOES NOT bake the same!!! Amount of protein powder is up to you. Today I used 25g sine I used less oats.)
*1/4 to 1/2 tbs baking powder
*Liquid Stevia - just a couple short squeezes
*Exract - optional. today i used a drop of butter vanilla
Topping Ingredients
*Same as filling/topping for crepe. I didn't make extra I just split it up between the two. I put the yogurt mix on then sprinkled with the coconut and almond and stevia...then a dollup of the peach mixture. I also ended up adding some walden farms syrup on top.
Mix dry ingredients in a bowl. Mix wet ingredients in a bowl (start with just a little water. you will add more to get it how you want. you can always add more but can't take away :) ) Combine dry and wet and mix really well adding more water until it reaches the consistancy you want. I make mine thin but still a batter not water consistency. I also let this sit out at room temp or put in fridge for like 10+ min and then add more water maybe. I feel like this gives me more batter, ha! This is when I make my crepe, prep my filling, make coffee, etc. 
Heat skillet to med .. spray with butter or coconut oil spray .. put into tiny little pancakes or a couple big ones if you prefer. Cook till bubbles. Flip and I only cook like 30seconds or so on this side so the center is gooey instead of dry! this is up to you!
Plate - add topping! 
FOR MINE ... using my brands, my amounts, etc., this was only 44g Protein, 18 Carbs and 11g Fat. The fat actually came from some Maple Peanut Butter I put on two of my pancakes because I can't live with out morning peanut butter and I wanted some variety, haha! I just didnt' put the other topping on those. However it would have tasted great all together! So if you left out the PB fat would only be a few grams. You can make this much higher carb by doing more flours and less protein by using less protein powder. I save most my carbs for pre/post workout or if I want something higher carb later in the day. So this was just how I chose to "ration" my macros today! 
ENJOY!!! For more #FoodPorn find me on #SnapChat (stacymccloud) and screen shot something if you want a recipe and I'll try to get it posted!


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