Friday, October 27, 2017

FREE COLLAGEN - #CollagenClean Challenge with Vital Proteins

Hey Friends,

Sometimes it can be hard to make the investment and purchase products that you KNOW will benefit your body .. but are just pricey. I get it .. I really do. But sometimes all it takes is NOT purchasing a few junk items you may enjoy and instead CHOOSING to buy things that could IMPROVE your health instead. Not to mention .. what costs more .. PREVENTION or FIXING a problem?! I think you know the answer!

But when it comes to SUPPLEMENTS .. guess what? We really don't need supplements in most cases (protein powders, pre-workouts, etc.) They are just that .. supplements. You can always get protein from WHOLE FOODS and you can certainly achieve ALL your fitness goals without a preworkout. Things like QUALITY protein powders just help because it's an easy and convenient way to get in your daily protein macros! Plus you can make yummy ice cream, baked goods and shakes instead of always just eating chicken, egg whites, etc.  Now ... If you are going to invest in protein (or other supplements) my biggest advise to people is to pay the few dollars extra and invest in QUALITY. Why? Lots of reasons! The number one being the way it is manufactured. The two companies that I use (1st Phorm and Vital Proteins) use something called LOW TEMPERATURE PROCESSING. Most companies DO NOT do this because it is more expensive. Not only does low temperature processing NOT denature the protein .. it means you won't have any stomach upset! Whoo Hoo! No protein burps or bloat! 

All that said .. there are some supplements that we really may need. Some of those include a quality multi-vitamin, quality fish oil, probiotics, prebiotics, digestive enzymes and .... collagen!

Collagen isn’t something our body makes enough of on it’s own. As we age .. collagen production is even LESS. I can’t tell you what a difference it’s made in my body since I’ve been using #vitalproteins (about 6+ months RELIGIOUSLY in various forms such as Beef Gelatin in my coffee and Peptides in my Sweet Eggs.)

If you have been hesitant to purchase Vital Proteins this could be your chance to try it for ONE MONTH for FREE! But there IS A CATCH!! You have to commit to ONLY using Vital Proteins Collagen Peptides for 28 days. This is in lieu of any other NON food protein. So you have to ditch all other protein powders but just for the 28 days.

Of course if you own other VP products (like the coffee creamer or beef gelatin I use to make frothy coffee) .. you can keep taking those as well! I’m not saying only use VP as a non whole food protein forever. I mean you all know I’d never personally give up my 1st phorm level one, ha.

This challenge is simply a way to clean up your routine so that you can really be able to see if the Collagen is helping you! Because lets face it .. most of you probably aren’t using a CLEAN protein replacement to begin with (don’t bet me started, lol.) Plus collagen has protein macros and I’m sure you don’t want THAT many of your daily protein allowance to come from a powder! It’s 28 days. But trust me .. you will want to keep it in your regime afterwards!

HERE are some more details and things that they will expect of you in return if you are selected as one of my FIVE people (deadline for entry is 11/1)
  • *Once selected you have until 11/15 to redeem your campaign kit. If I select you I will send you the link!
  • *Over the 28 days you will be asked to submit videos and photos displaying your progress throughout the challenge and how you are getting creative with your recipes (if you are.)
    If you are elected please tag and @ mention me in all of these so that I can feature you on MY insta story!! Do you HAVE to do the pics/videos?? No!! But they are giving you free peptides for a month so you probably should show them some love, lol. Also ... do you want to win VP for AN ENTIRE YEAR?!?! Then you also probably should because at the end of the challenge.. one person will receive the GRAND PRIZE giveaway which will be a FULL YEARS WORTH OF COLLAGEN!! How do you win THIS?! By posting!! For example .. posting a photo using #collagenclean gets one entry. Posting a video using #collagenclean gets two entries.  All this will be in your kit you will receive if you are selected!!
How do you get selected?
Now that you have read what is expected of you in return, simply SEND ME AN EMAIL ( with YOUR STORY of WHY I SHOULD PICK YOU! This doesn’t have to be a book .. just a paragraph or two! Tell me about your gut issues, your achy joints, another medical ailment in which collagen may help you .. or just let me know that you are KILLING it in the gym and could use some help with the RECOVERY benefits of collagen!

I plan to pick my five lucky peeps! So get those entries in before November 1st!


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