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Pot For Pets - How CBD Is Helping My Fur Family

CBD isn't only for humans.

CBD is also healing for our four legged friends

Okay ignore the title. DO NOT GIVE YOUR FUR BABIES POT!!! The journalist in me just makes me a sucker for a good play on words, ha!

It's not really POT that is healing my senior cat at all. It's a chemical component within marijuana (well actually HEMP in this case) that is helping my fur child and may help yours too!

Of course I'm talking about CBD.

I did a very long blog with all the details explaining the difference in THC and CBD, the difference in CBD extracted from the HEMP PLANT .vs. the CANNABIS PLANT, etc. Please check it out if you want to know more in depth detail.

For those that don't want to read a long blog .. here are a few very brief bullet points to clarify A FEW of the biggest confusions when it comes to CBD, how it differs from THC, how Hemp is different than Marijuana, etc.
  • BOTH plants (hemp and marijuana) can make/produce CBD products (like oils, drops, tinctures, balms, vapes, etc.)
  • This is not a "one and done" type treatment. It's like a flower that needs watering daily. You can't try it once, use it here and there, or use it a short time and be like .. well forget it .. it didn't work. Or even more .. you can't use it ONE day and get benefits the next day. This is something you will need to take and keep taking to see the benefits. You also may need to play with your dosage and the WAY you use CBD (drops, vapes, etc.)
  • CBD (short for cannabidiol) acts on the body’s endocannabinoid system, creating physical changes in the body, which can be beneficial in MANY ways.
  • CBD is only ONE of the components of the Marijuana and Hemp Plant. There are actually 60+ compounds in the plants. But let's be clear..... CBD is not THC. THC is a separate component of the plant.
  • Both Marijuana and Hemp plants actually have THC. But they differ in the levels of naturally occurring THC that they contain. Hemp pants are naturally high in CBD and VERY low in THC. The reverse is true of marijuana plants. The are HIGH in THC. Hemp plants contain only about 0.3% – 1.5% THC. Marijuana plants contain 5% – 10% or more THC.
    This means that the levels of THC and CBD will be different in a CBD product pending if you get CBD produced from marijuana or hemp. If you get CBD from a marijuana plant it CAN have higher levels of THC (but you can get low thc/high cbd that is still derived from marijuana.) But if you get CBD from a HEMP plant it will have very low legal amounts (some even zero) levels of THC (making it legal in all 50 states)
  • THC (in higher doses) can make you high. But CBD DOES NOT MAKE YOU HIGH.
    Even CBD sourced from cannabis that has very LOW levels of THC .. will not make you high. Interestingly, research has shown that CBD acts to reduce the psychoactive effects of THC, separating hemp further from marijuana.
  • You can only get Marijuana based CBD from a Medical Marijuana Dispensary in a state where it is LEGAL. But ... HEMP CBD is legal in all 50 states and available for purchase (and cab be shipped) from MANY companies! Please read more about this below because YOU MUST BE CAREFUL where you purchase hemp based CB!!! ALL CBD IS NOT EQUAL and many companies are BOGUS and dare I say even DANGEROUS!! This industry (just like the supplement industry) .. is NOT regulated! So you MUST USE CAUTION!
Now on to the real point of THIS blog entry...... Pot (cbd) for PETS.

This is my senior cat Hildi (and an OLD pic of us.)
She is 13 years old and has some unknown medical conditions.

Every "symptom" pointed to her thyroid but blood tests say she is all good in that department.

She is showing some very early signs of kidney disease and our vet also believes she has a gastro condition.
So for about 2 months now she has been on a VERY strict veterinary diet where she can ONLY have some rare proteins and very specific food(s).

With the diet alone, the only thing I noticed was she has seemed to gain weight and hasn't had any "flair ups" (she would get these every few months where she hid in the closet, wouldn't eat, was so frail and weak.)

But her vomiting and LOUD HOWLING (mainly post eating and all throughout the night) continued. What causes the howling? Not sure yet. It could be numerous things.. possibly high blood pressure or just the fact that she is old and may have dementia. We aren't sure yet.

I asked my vet about CBD. But because it's not "approved" by the FDA and not much research has been done when it comes to cats/dogs and CBD ... she could not recommend it.

However she said she wasn't opposed to me trying it either. So I decided to give it a go.

I discovered a company that has a line for pets. I did research, exchanged numerous emails and had numerous phone calls with the team (including the CEO.) I asked SO MANY questions and after a couple weeks I decided this company was a great fit for my fur family. The company that I CURRENTLY USE for ME doesn't have a pet line. But it's this one.

We started Hilid on THESE drops.

I give her 1/4 a dropper every morning when I take my drops (THIS is the one I've been taking.) After about a week ... I increased her dose to another 1/4 dropper about 5 hours later and on occasion I'll give her more before bed.

I'm happy to report that since using this CBD she has only vomited ONE TIME and her howling has been cut down by I'd say a good 80%!!

Annnnnd guess what?! Hildi isn't the only member of my fur fam that gets CBD.

My dog Stella gets CBD treats almost every day too!

Stella is only 6 years old and doesn't have ANY medical conditions (thank you Jesus) .. but that doesn't mean that CBD isn't good for her!

She often suffers from a little anxiety (especially if we are going on car rides.) I tested this out when running errands on two different occasions and she had ZERO panting (what she usually does) and was calm and happy as can be!

If you are a skeptic .. just google "CBD and Pets" and you will see NUMEROUS heart wrenching stories from people who had dogs and cats with a wide range of health issues (including cancer) who claim their pet was much better (and some people even claim "cured") by using CBD!

CBD is natural and it has literally SAVED ME! So, as long as I TRUST THE SOURCE, then there is no reason NOT to give it to EVERY member of my family!

Key words there ... TRUST THE SOURCE. I've preached this time after time but the hemp industry is NOT regulated. With it's sudden popularity there are probably more BOGUS companies out there than LEGIT ones. If you don't choose to use the companies that I suggest below .. please do your own research. I give some tips on how to do that in THIS blog. 

For now .. this is the only hemp based that I will recommend for my fur family. I know there are
A LOT more .. but if it's not broke?! Right?! haha! You can also check at your VET OFFICE. I've seen MANY carrying CBD products and I would trust that if THEY trust the brand you probably can too!

Urbal Activ 

There is a Urbal Activ code that gets you 10% off EVERY SINGLE ORDER (not just your 1st order). It is CBD10 .. so use it at check out each time and save money!

As always .... feel free to EMAIL ME or comment here on this post with any questions. I'm happy to help you or if I can't .. I'm happy to point you to someone that can!

** I am not a doctor. I am not an expert. I am not licensed. All information in this blog is based on my PERSONAL opinion and PERSONAL experience using CBD. I am not responsible for anything you all choose to do when it comes to THC, CBD, etc.**

**Some products and links may be AFFILIATE links. Meaning I may or may not recieve commission or product as part of a sponsorship or affiliation with the company. But please know that any product I post about I use 
and stand by.**

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