Thursday, July 31, 2014

2 Minute Muffins

Hey Fit Fam ...

I am now 2 days out from my next competition!! Eeeeeekkkkk!!!! I love that I don't do anything crazy during #PeakWeek! My coach has the same feelings as I do .. which is CONSISTENCY!! While I admire the competitors that get up at 4am, do fasted cardio, go to work, then go back to the gym for a couple hours at night-- usually all on little to no carbs -- that isn't the method I prefer. Not during peak week ... not EVER! I'm never going to kill or starve myself just step on stage. There are dozens of other shows you can do so that your prep can be SLOW and STEADY!! Remember, this should be a lifestyle you can keep up with!! For those of you not training for a show. Same goes - slow and steady always "wins"!!!

Some people would see this as they are "training harder" than me - but I don't think so!  I just think it just means I'm training smarter :) The only thing I do "out of my norm" this week is I get in my weekly cardio class Thursday/Friday instead of my normal Saturday morning. That is rough enough for me because I can never get myself to go to bed early and I have to get to work immediately after! But NO EXCUSES!

This morning I got up early and went got that HotBox class in, took a 15 min bath, then enjoyed some coffee and made myself a 2 minute muffin before a long day of writing deadlines and big interviews! It's days like this when I"m super rushed that breakfast recipes like this come in handy!

Isn't my new coffee mug so cute! Found it at TJ Maxx for like 3 bucks!

In that container is my "2 Minute Muffin" --  yet ANOTHER way you can use my "basic batter base" to add variety to your daily breakfast!  If I only need ONE serving of "muffins".... this is a MUCH better way to make that batter base into a muffin creation! Not only do they taste MUCH better (less eggy in my opinion if you are having to use a lot of eggs) .. they only take 2 min!!!!!!

Just like I discuss in my "Basic Batter Base" recipe post, you need to adjust the amounts in this  to meet YOUR needs!!! If you usually have 2 egg whites and 1/2 cup of oats every morning .. do that!! You just may want to add some unsweetened vanilla almond milk if the texture is too think :)  If you are required to eat a ton of eggs in the morning and not many oats .. this may not work. Or you may have to put only 1/2 the eggs you normally eat in it and eat the others separate!

I'm posting a basic list of what you need as well as some "optional" ideas!  Just like with the oven muffins and pancakes you can get as creative as YOU want! Whatever meets YOUR nutrition macros!

WHAT YOU NEED - basically you need my basic batter base. but here ya go.
*Ceramic Mug or bowl (make sure if it's a coffee mug it's a big one .. these babies get pretty big)
*Oats (1/4 - 1 cup depending on your needs)
*Egg Whites (1-5 depending on your needs)
*Vanilla extract (1/2 tsp)
*Stevia (To your liking. I did a couple squirts of my squeeze kind)
*Baking Powder (about 1/4 to 1/2 tsp. I don't measure)
*Butter or Vanilla extract (optional. I just did a 1/2 tsp (ish))
*1st Phorm Level One Protein Powder (Optional. I didn't use it this morning. You can use anywhere from a little to add some taste a full scoop. Flavor of protein depends on what flavor muffin you are making.)
*Unsweetened Almond Milk (Optional .. I just use water. But you can use this if you prefer.)
*Fruit (Optional - berries, banana, apple, etc)
*Nut Butter (Optional)
*Coconut, quinoa, almond, arrowroot, flax, or other healthy "flour" (instead of oats...or a little in addition to add more fluff. But it's fine without it. ** UPDATE: SEE MY NEW AND IMPROVED #BAEBreakfastCake using proper rations of these flours - HERE**
*There are plenty of other seasonings/additions that would be good and can make your Mug into all kinds of creations!! Think Banana Bread Muffins, Cinnamon Bun Muffins, Coffee Cake Muffins, Blueberry, Strawberry, Apple/Caramel, etc. Sometimes it's as easy as adding things like nutmeg, splenda brown sugar (or the real stuff if you aren't being strict on sugar), unsweetened applesauce, instant coffee, flavored protein powders, walden farms caramel, to get a different creation!!!

Do whatever your little taste buds desire! This morning I just did oats, egg whites, baking powder, stevia, cinnamon - with banana and peanut butter on the side - kinda eating it with each bite of muffin, haha.

You make this pretty much just like you make my "Muscle Cake" dessert! Put dry ingredients in a Magic Bullet (or other blender). But wet ingredients in your mug. Pour dry ingredients in and mix well. Microwave for 1 min watching. If its not overflowing go ahead and add that other min. If it starts to overflow just pause it until it goes down .. then start it again. Doing that as needed until you've microwaved for 2 min (maybe longer depending on your microwave).

I like to add more of whatever spice I used afterwards :) You can add a little sugar free maple syrup. Any other sf syrups. You can make a "protein powder icing" (just some protein powder and water or almond milk), you can do greek yogurt (or a greek yogurt icing which is the yogurt, little stevia and a little protein powder blended). As for the fruit. I did banana this morning and just sliced it up and ate it with it each bite . But you could also mash it and put it in it while it cooks .. cut it and put chunks in it, etc. Same goes for whatever fruit you are wanting to use!! You can also make a hole in the middle of the cake and put your peanut butter (or syrup, sf caramel sauce, sf chocolate sauce, sf jams or jellies) in the middle .. then it gets all gooey inside.  I would add that the last 30 seconds of microwaving! SO MANY WAYS to make these!!!

If you want to make it even easier in the mornings. I'm sure you can put them in the fridge and re-heat. I've never tried it. But you can just pre-mix all your dry and wet ingredients the night before so that all you have to do is combine and stick in the microwave! This is a great one for those of us on the go that get tired of smoothies!

If I'm at home I eat it straight out of the mug. If I need to leave I turn it over and dump it into a tall tupperware :) That is why it's important to use something ceramic. It won't stick!

Eat Clean. Train Dirty.

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