Saturday, August 6, 2016

#PrepWIthPurpose - August 6, 2016: For Them All - Tampa Pro Edition

Hey Friends,

Nervous .. yet excited. That is how I feel as I am starting yet another show day! But this is not just ANY show day .... it's the freaking TAMPA PRO! Do you all have any idea how many HUGE NAME (now) Olympians have competed at this show over the past 9 years?! How many got Olympia qualified here and then ended up being BIG name IFBB competitors?! That is so freaking cool!! I still don't think it's hit me that I'm competing as a PROFESSIONAL BIKINI BODYBUILDER....however if ANY show were to make it feel like reality ... it's this one.

I am just so grateful. I still can't believe that I'm getting up there and sharing a stage with HUGE names and Olympians I've looked up to in the past! It's certainly a surreal feeling. But with that comes some different nerves. I'm confident not because I'm bringing my best package .. because I think that package is still yet to come. What confidence I do have comes from knowing that I deserving to be up there just as much anyone else. Despite this only being my 2nd *Pro* show .. I certainly paid my dues to GET HERE .. that is for sure! But at the same time I also feel so green. A little rookie in a sea of seasoned competitors. I am only human, so as confident as I am trying to be, this stage makes me a little more nervous than usual .. maybe even a little more intimidated.

To be honest .. I don't know this is my "best look to date". It's been a rough week for me and my body. I'm dialing in in everywhere except one place. Not sure if it's stress or some inflammation due to Celiac ... or just my body not wanting to cooperate. All I know is I did everything I was suppose to do. I did everything in MY control. I put in the work .. I didn't miss a session ... or a single rep. I hit every macro exactly .. followed every order my coach gave me. So now what I bring to the stage .. I bring to the stage knowing I did everything I could. I have goals going into this show but I've promised myself I won't get upset if I walk away not meeting them ((easier said than done))

As always .. on show day .. I don't have ONE person for PREP WITH PURPOSE. Instead ... I go back to the beginning. I go back go WHY I'm doing this and that is so that when I walk on stage it's about more than ME. Everyday during "prep" someone else gave me my motivation and because of that .. they walk with me up there .. they are each in some way part of me and this journey. When I walk off stage ... my purpose goes deeper than hardware, a placing, a chance at being Olympia qualifed and now a paycheck (you get paid for placing at Pro shows) ... so today is FOR THEM ALL!
I will pray for everyone I've lifted for .. today I step on stage in honor of THEM ALL.

Here we go! Fingers and toes crossed for me .. number 168 :)  I'll be posting updates on social media .. probably SnapChat the most! ((name on snap is just stacymccloud)


** Please send PREP WITH PURPOSE requests (all details and a picture of possible) to and it will resume ASAP. Or should I say as soon as I get enough requests **

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