Sunday, January 10, 2016

Feel Good 52 Challenge - Week 2

Hey Fit Fam,

I hope everyone found the perfect word for WEEK ONE of #FeelGood52. So far I've not had to use my word  .. but I know it's going to be a good one for me in 2016!!

Are you ready for WEEK TWO?! Remember .. this 52 Week "challenge" isn't going to be so much about PHYSICAL health (however I will be throwing some of those in there) as it will be mental, "spiritual" and so on. Why? Well .. because not all progress is PHYSICAL! Changing your lifestyle is more than losing body fat and gaining some muscle. It's more than your jeans fitting and feeling good about stepping out of the house in leggings :) It really does start on the inside!!

That is why this weeks challenge is .... Make a "Wellness Check" appointment.

This doesn't have to be for your yearly physical, yearly blood work, dental exam, etc. While those things ARE IMPORTANT and you should be getting those exams done yearly .. it can be another exam. I want you to pick an appointment you have either put off making, never done, or will forget to make. Some examples .... Maybe you are of age and have put off getting that mammogram, prostate exam, colonoscopy? Maybe you have never been to a dermatologist to get your entire body checked (did you know you are suppose to do this yearly?) Maybe you have gone years without an eye exam. Maybe you have always wanted to visit a Chiropractor or get acupuncture! Well .. now is the time and I challenge you to make that appointment THIS WEEK! 

You don't have to make just ONE appointment as part of this challenge and your appointment doesn't have to be FOR this week. Just MAKE IT and KEEP IT!!!! That is all I'm asking! You can make it for March, May, December. Just make it THIS WEEK so you don't forget and KEEP IT!! 

I am really good about my yearly exams and blood work but I often foget as the year goes on to make my other appointments. So .. I plan on making my 6 month dental exam appointment, a chiropractor appointment (because I can tell it's time for an adjustment) and the one that I've NOT done in years but SHOULD ... my dermatology appointment!!

Here are a few other suggestions for Wellness Appointments that may not be NEEDED .. but sure do benefit you in more ways than one! Here are some of my more "cosmetic" or "luxury" suggestions if you are really good at booking all your wellness visits already! 

STRETCH THERAPY -- See my write up HERE! This combined with my new HOME ROLLER SYSTEM (more coming soon) has CHANGED MY LIFE!!!! If you want to get a head start on learning more about RAD ROLLER you can CLICK HERE to read or ORDER. If you use the Code RADLOVE you will get FREE SHIPPING in the US :)

MASSAGE -- I mean .. who doesn't want a good massage! If in Nashville I HIGHLY recommend William Edge Spa! The guy they have is A M A Z I N G!!! ((side note -- this is where I have gotten my hair done for YEARS. Everyone always asks who does it. Her name is Crystal and she is at their Nashville location.))

SKIN CARE -- Book a facial (also recommend William Edge .. Mary or Katie) or if you have always wanted to try the "next step" such as fillers or peels. I suggest my friend Carlie with Cosmetic Concierge .. who WILL COME TO YOUR HOUSE!!! Yup .. she travels to you!! Can't beat that one .. plus she is AMAZING at what she does!! I actually did a little blog on when she came to my house and did MicroNeedling last year! She also is my source for the skincare lines that I love! I can only get it from her because it's "medical grade" stuff! When you call to make your appointment ask her about the couple of brands she can bring for you to buy!

ESSENTIAL OILS --  If you know me even a little bit, then you know I am not into "selling" things or "pushing" products. If I like them ... I tell you about them in hopes they will help you too. I hate pyramid type marketing and never thought I'd jump on board anything even remotely linked to it. But regardless of how it is "sold" ... DOTERRA WORKS and it's the ONLY essential oil I'd use for MANY reasons (see why here.) I'm saying this so you know I don't make any real "income" off you buying/using... so my opinion is very unbiased!  I don't have the time or energy to put into making a career out of selling oils. I just want you to know about them because they really are that amazing. I have been using DoTerra Essential Oils for over a year now. It hasn't been until recently that I've been using my experience and knowledge and helping others purchase them. From gut health, to sleep, stress, headaches, immune system and even my skin (I mix oils with the skincare I mentioned above) ... I use numerous oils every single day and can't imagine life without them now!! I would LOVE to help get you started!! You can start with just one or two for your number one concerns .. but I guarantee once you start using them you will want an oil for everything!!! Email me so we can get started on your oil journey!!!

Eat Clean. Train Dirty.

Stay Fit and Healthy

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  1. So excited for stretch therapy soon. It's exciting to see the progress that this type of therapy can do. Thanks for sharing!