Thursday, November 13, 2014

Don't Forget Your Skin -- My experience with micro needling

Hey Fit Fam ...

Before this was a fitness blog I had intentions of writing about really whatever I felt like. Be it fitness, heath, recipes, fashion, personal rants, life, beauty products, etc.  But I had a problem writing consistently because there wasn't one "focus". Once I started my fitness journey back in April/May I found my focus and therefore it made it easier to come up with more focused content. Because the blog is now fitness focused, I kinda have stopped writing about everything else. Today I am changing that and writing about skin care!

Skin is the largest organ in the human body,... so we obviously need to give it some extra attention! Aside from the obvious reasons that we need to take care of our skin, for those of us competing in bodybuilding shows -- check out that judging criteria!! Skin tone is one of the things listed under bikini judging!

It makes me cringe every time I hear people talk about going to lay in tanning beds as part of "prep" for a show. Each their own. If you want to lay in a tanning bed .. go for it. I would be lying if I said I never have ... but I of course regret it and it's not something I choose to do NOW. I think some competitors think they need to develop some "base tan" before going on stage. They have people tell them that they should, but trust me when I tell ya ... those stage spray on tans will get ya as dark as you want, haha. I get it .. we all look better (and a lot more toned) when we have a tan. Posing practice is no fun when you are the albino one (that would be me)... but buy yourself some "fake bake" and save your skin from those harmful rays!! There are tons of great self tanners out there! Ff you are hesitant then go somewhere like Sephora .. they will give you samples!

Okay .. back on topic. My skin is fresh and renewed because of a new treatment I had done on it a couple weeks ago.  I try to take good care of my skin (I always wash my face before bed, use a quality eye cream and quality moisturizer, etc) .. but I don't do things I know I should do now that I am .. well .. getting "older".  I should be getting monthly facials, doing "home" masks and probably using a stronger anti-wrinkle regime. But .. I do my best!! A couple weeks ago I decided to do something for my skin and have a procedure done called "micro needling".  One of my best girlfriends introduced me to a skin care goddess in Nashville. Her name is Carlie. The cool thing about Carlie is ... she comes to YOU! Yup .. no driving to a doctors office or spa! This was VERY appealing to me considering how busy life can be for me sometimes. Carlie messaged me letting me know she is doing this new "it" treatment. She told me it's pretty similar to a treatment that Kim Kardashian did on a past episode of Keeping Up With The Kardashians. I can VERY proudly say I don't watch that sh!t show .. so I had to resort to YouTube to see what Mrs. Kardashian-West was up to. You can SEE IT HERE.  What Kim had was called a Vampire or Blood Facial. Maybe she is just a wuss .. but my better guess is that her "crying" was dramatized a bit (for TV obviously). A similar "needle gun" (for lack of a better word) that was used on Kim ... is what Carlie uses for the Micro Needling on me. The difference ...we didn't use my blood, haha! Basically what I'm saying is that you can get very similar results from this micro needling process I had done ... without the bloody face and no down time!

Here is a link that tells you more about Micro Needling .. but it's basically a pin with a dozen little needles and they penetrate your skin.  It's kinda like a tattoo gun actually .. sounds like one too! The needles do "go into" your skin (but it doesn't hurt at all because she uses a numbing cream). Basically it breaks down old scar tissue and in the end results in the formation of new tissue layers of elastin and collagen fibers - which means prettier skin, duh!!! This also increases the absorption of the products they use along with it. She used Hyaluronic Acid on me (which plumps and hydrates) but you can use other topicals based on your skin care needs. For example, with the right product, this would be great for acne scars or skin pigmentation issues!

Here is a little video of me getting it done. Yup .. I am in my PJ's, on my couch, game show network on, animals in my lap -- haha!

So while you can find a dermatologist or med spa to go to .. why would you ... when someone can COME TO YOU :)  The entire process took about 45 min. That included letting my face get numbed up, micro needling my face and the soothing mask that she puts on afterwards!

I was pink and a tad swollen that night after it was done. The next day I was still a tad pink ... but nothing my tented moisturizer wouldn't coverup! The couple days following the micro needling I had a couple "dry" patches on my face, but I could totally be seen in public and even go on TV for my job .. all within 24 hours!

I highly suggest it! My skin has been "glowing" since! You can reach Carlie my sending her a message HERE.

Eat Clean. Train Dirty (and take care of your skin) :)

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