Friday, January 1, 2016

Feel Good 52 Challenge - Week 1

Hey Fit Fam,

Happy 2016! It's the first day of a brand new year! Even if you don't make resolutions there is just something exciting about thinking that you have 365 fresh starts (technically we have 366 this year because it is leap year!)

We wake up each day and have a choice to be happy! I know some days it doesn't feel that way ... but it's true! Even when we are faced with the horrible circumstances we have the choice to at least TRY to make the most of each day! However ... I tend to find the number 365 (366) a little bit intimidating .. don't you? So what if we break it down to 52? You have 52 weeks. 52 chances to do something to become a better YOU!

So I'm gonna try to start a challenge. It's called #FeelGood52. Each week I'm going to give you a challenge. It may not (probably won't) even be "diet" or "exercise" based. Because as you start your "better you" journey you will find that MUCH of the day to day grind requires much more than eating well and lifting weights.

So let's start .. shall we? You have one week to get this done. Be it today .. or the end of the week .. sometime THIS WEEK simply complete the Week 1 challenge! When you do this I would LOVE if you would leave a comment, hashtag it on social media (#FeelGood52), email me ( and/or at mention me (@stacymccloud.) This is how I know people are participating and I'm not wasting my time doing this each week (being more useful with my time is a personal goal of mine in 2016.)

Week 1 --  #FeelGood52
Pick a word, quote, phrase, bible verse, etc., that you hope to live by, reflect on, use a a motto in reaching a goals, look to for strength, etc., during 2016. This will be your word. If you already have a word/phrase you love  .. use that one or maybe think of a new one! Thing hard about this. It will be very useful in your journey!

I'm still thinking of mine! I'll update you when I have it figured out :)

Eat Clean. Train Dirty.

Stay Fit and Healthy

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  1. I have followed your journey for about a year now, however this is my first time commenting! You are such an inspiration to me. My phrase to live by this year is "Big Risk, Big Return" :)