Friday, January 8, 2016

#FeelGood52: Week One ... My Word.

Hey Fit Fam ...

After a week long debate with myself ... I've decided what my word of the year will be for my #FeelGood52 challenge!


By definition .. to adapt .. simply means to change your behavior so that it's easier to live in a particular place or situation. Or to change something so that it functions better or presented in a different form. But the word adapt isn't so "black and white" ... there are so many other "definitions" and ways we must adapt in life. Which is why I chose this word. Many of those reasons are personal .. but the biggest reason I need to focus on this word is that I don't deal well with change of any kind. I like having a schedule, a routine, a plan. This "change" could be a major change or a minor one and much of any disruption can cause me major stress. I am a planner. I am a creature of habit. I have to have a plan and my plans usually have to have plans before I feel at ease. I don't order different things on a menu or stray away from what I know in general. I don't do things last moment, I don't like when people like to "play things by ear", get back to me last moment, or ask me to do things on a whim. I don't think there is anything wrong with being this way. I've found that life just "flows" much more stress free when I know what's up. And I'm not always this way. I'm always OPEN to change .. I just like for it to be planned, lol! Either way .. this personality trait can be a bad thing sometimes and I'm hoping to learn to ADAPT when needed. But adapting doesn't always mean having a plan and sticking to it ... which is why I think this word will be so useful for me this year. Maybe instead of freaking out ... I'll try a new workout if all the equipment I need isn't available. Maybe I'll try a new restaurant out of my norm or a food I wouldn't normally order. Maybe I'll move to a new city. Yup .. that is another reason I chose this word. The hubs and I are considering a move VERY far away from home. I will no doubt have to deal with A LOT of "adapting" if that were to happen. If it doesn't .. then we may have a lot of adapting to do here in Tennessee. I'll be elaborating more on my "word" as the year goes on.

I didn't pick a quote/phrase/verse. I will add one in the near future that most likely goes along with my word .. but for now I'm going to focus on my word alone. Day one down .... didn't have to use it in any scenerios so far. But I'm sure some sort of "change" that I need to adapt to will be just around the corner!

I really hope you all are joining in and have picked yours! If not .. it's not too late! If you are having a hard time picking a word (it wasn't easy for me either) try to quite your heart and mind and see what word comes to you in silence! And as always .. if you need any help or ideas feel free to email me!!!

Once you have picked your word you have completed WEEK ONE!  Now get on social media and SHARE my original blog so that others can join us in this fun little journey to feeling better INSIDE and OUT in 2016! I hope this year is the best yet for all of us!

Shall we move on to WEEK TWO?!

Stay Tuned ..... Your challenge is coming this weekend!

Eat Clean. Train Dirty.

Stay Fit and Healthy

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