Tuesday, August 8, 2017

The Benefits Of Bone Broth Are Just A Scoop Away

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If you have done any research at all then you have probably seen that BONE BROTH is great for your overall health...especially your gut!

Bone broth is a culinary staple in many cultures, and is created by simmering bones and meats along with herbs, spices, and vegetables for several hours. The simmering process breaks down the bonds that lock in collagen in these foods, and releases it into a highly nutritive, delicious broth.

But most of us never try it because making bone broth is very time consuming and can be very expensive! And to be honest I'm not one to "drink" my protein macros. I even "drink" my protein shakes in the form of protein ice cream, ha. So ... I like to add my gut healing broth to my CROCK POT CHICKEN! You can CLICK HERE to see my Instagram Post with all the details for how I do it!

The one that I use is actually a POWDER and it's by the company VITAL PROTEINS. I know there are tons of pre-made bone broths on the market. Don't even think about the canned stuff from the store if you are purchasing for HEALTH benefits. There are tons of other brands that are great but the problem is that most come in a premixed, wet, ready to eat format that and are almost all water. Vital Proteins Bone Broth Collagen Powder is a unique collagen supplement solution that provides all of the benefits of a nutritive bone broth solution in the format of an easily mixable dry powder. You can use as little or as much as you want! No waste = money saver!

The solution is dehydrated and contains all of the nutritional contents with none of the water content, maximizing nutrition and value. VP makes their broth powders from USDA certified organic sources and they only contain ONE ingredient -- Organic Chicken Bone Broth Powder for the Chicken Broth and Organic Beef Bone Broth Powder for the Beef Broth.

Apart from being one of the only powdered collagen-rich bone broth solutions available on the market, Vital Proteins Bone Broth Collagen Powder offers a number of advantages over other products. They are organic, completely dairy free, gluten free, soy free and contain extremely low sodium levels.

In case you want to know some of the benefits of consuming quality Bone Broth:

*Improve Digestion: Naturally occurring amino acids in collagen peptides provide a strong line of defense for your gut.

*Aid Joint Health: Keep moving! Naturally occurring hyaluronic acid in bone broth along with collagen enhance strength and flexibility in joints.

*Enhance Bone Health: Stay strong with the bone strengthening power of collagen.

I mentioned that I put a scoop in my crock pot chicken. 
But here are some other ways you can use Vital Protein Bone Broth Powders:

* Blend into an herbal tea or smoothie
* Add nutrition to a gravy or sauce
* Give a protein boost to a veggie-based dish
* Add it to your SMOOTHIES or PROTEIN ICE CREAM for some EXTRA fluff factor! (more recipes on this COMING SOON.)

You can use any of the hyper links in this entry to order or just CLICK HERE!

While you are browsing the webpage make sure and pick up some Beef Gelatin so you can make my daily FROTHY GUT HEALTH COFFEE!!

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