Monday, July 31, 2017

Prep With Purpose - IFBB Pro Sean Harris

Hey Fit Fam,

While I've certainly been praying for people during each and every week of my prep (even not on prep) ... I hate that for some time now I've not had a specific person to "lift up and for" for my little Prep With Purpose project that I started a year ago.

If you are new to my blog or don't know me HERE is the ORIGINAL entry I did telling everyone exactly what Prep With Purpose is all about. I've sent out requests and feelers asking if anyone has a prayer request that would "fit". So far I've not had any requests come in these days and no-one has popped up on my socials ... until this weekend.

While the idea of Prep With Purpose is to lift up and for someone in current or ongoing need of PHYSICAL prayer (to give us motivation by reminding us we are able and hopefully make this sport more about others than ourselves) .. sometimes there are exceptions and this is certainly one of them.

As I prep to compete in Tampa Pro this upcoming weekend (my last show before Mr Olympia in mid September) my heart is breaking for the family of a fellow IFBB Bodybuilder who was also prepping to compete in this very same show, but passed away following a car accident on Thursday .. just days before showcasing all his hard work on stage.

But as his friend Frank Sepe put it ... "Sean was much more than a bodybuilder. He was a son, brother, husband, father, teacher and coach. He was blessed with the love and respect of many, simply because he deserved it."

I don't know Sean. I have never met him. I only know about his passing because the news popped up in my Instagram Feed from a couple of people/gyms that I follow. But we (the NPC, IFBB, Bodybuilding community, etc.) are a family. That is why #FitFam is so popular (or it should be anyway.) We are a community of like minded people who share a passion. We should be there for each other in anyway that we can be.

That is why I'm making this weeks Prep With Purpose - in honor of Sean Harris.

My lifts for the past few days and leading up to this weekend have been and will be in HONOR of Sean. With every rep and with every step I will not only be doing it in HIS MEMORY ... I will be praying for the family he leaves behind (including two small boys.)

I hope you join me! If you don't believe in prayer you can still participate in Prep With Purpose by simply lifting in his honor and sending warm thoughts and wishes for comfort out into the universe.

A TEAM HARRIS FAMILY FUND AND TRIBUTE has been set up to help the family during this horrible time. I ask that you please give if you can. Here is a paragraph from the Go Fund Me Page set up so you can know a little bit more about the man we are lifting up/for and the family we are donating to:

I dont need to sit here and describe who sean was as an individual.  Everyone that crossed paths with him knew what  a special person he truly was.  

He was always there to help and to answer any questions.  A true genuine person in and outside of the gym.  For those that didnt know sean outside of the gym,  he was also a great husband and father to his kids.

Sean was a hard working man, Teacher, Coach, and trainer.  All providing is gone for his family.  In the time of loss Lets help them not have to worry for a little about finances.  They have lost enough.

No donation is to small, every penny earned will go above and beyond and will truly be appreciated.

I want to thank everyone for there support and want to express how deeply moved by the warmth of support I have seen for sean over the last few days.

If you can not give ... remember that "lifting up" his family and dedicating your workouts to Sean is FREE!

You are able. Life is short. It can be gone in a split second. Hug those that you love and NEVER take a day you are breathing for granted.


If you know anyone that needs urgent or ongoing prayer for any physical reason please email me all the information and a picture (or a few) to

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