Friday, August 11, 2017

#PrepWithPurpose: Rich Piana

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Hey Fit Fam,

Another #PrepWithPurpose for one of our own.

Last week we were lifting in HONOR of a bodybuilder that passed away following a car accident. I hope you are continuing to keep the Harris family in your thoughts and prayers. As I mentioned in the blog entry, Sean was prepping for Tampa Pro, the same show I did last weekend. They did a beautiful tribute in his honor at the show. I made sure that before I stepped on stage at Tampa Pro that I took a second to say a prayer for his family and look up and say "This one is for you Sean."

This week someone else in the #FitFam needs our prayers. Bodybuilder, former Mr. California and internet sensation Rich Piana is said to be in a medically induced coma.

The details of what exactly happened are not all known and honestly they aren't important. It makes me SICK to see what all I am reading online. It doesn't matter what happened .. what matters is ... Rich (and his family) needs our prayers and well wishes right now.

Rich allegedly collapsed on Monday afternoon and was transported to a Florida hospital where reports say he was put in a medically induced coma.

His staff at his Supplement company (5% Nutrition) issued this statement on Instagram today:

Earlier this week, Rich Piana, known for his honesty and leadership in the bodybuilding community was hospitalized. Rich’s condition is improving each day while he is in recovery.

Rich is a man who has built his reputation on total honesty and has played by his own rules the whole way. Rich is known across the world as a man who embraces the naysayers, just as much as he embraces those who accept him. His outspoken nature is one of the reasons Rich is both respected and criticized. Nevertheless, he tells it like it is.

The “5%ERs” are a community of driven individuals dedicated to a competitive energy. The 5% Nation is a key driving force for Rich to excel both in the gym and in making the 5% Nutrition line the best it can be. We’d like to ask the 5% Nation for good thoughts and prayers for him.

As an ICON in the bodybuilding world I know Rich would give anything to be in the gym, be up and about doing his cardio, prepping his meals, etc. This week instead of complaining about any of that as I prepare for Mr Olympia (5 weeks out) I will remind myself that I am BLESSED to be ABLE to do all of these things. I will pray for Rich and his family with every rep and stride. I will also be praying for all of the hate in this world surrounding this situation. As part of #PrepWithPurpose I ask that you "lift up and for" Rich as well!

This is not the time to judge, make assumptions, or voice your opinions. It is a time to come together as a community and pray that Rich comes out of this okay.


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