Saturday, April 1, 2017

Celebrating 19 years ALIVE

Hello Friends,

I woke up today ... 37 years young. No eventful life celebration happened for my bday this year. Just the gym :)

While yesterday may have been my birthday ... since 1999 ... April 1st has been the day that I celebrate being ALIVE. That is because on 4/1/98 I was in a horrible car accident. I wrote an entry two years ago and then back in 2011 I wrote a full blog about my accident. So no need to get into details... just click on the hyper links and go check them out if you want to know more. THIS one has all the details of the accident. The other is just what I was thinking in 2015.

I have no idea how I survived... but I did. God wanted me here for a PURPOSE. 19 years later I'm still trying to figure out what that purpose is. Some days I struggle and I know that I'm not always as grateful for life as I should be ... but that day will forever be the "wake up call" I needed and still learn from decades later.

It took me YEARS to not get disgusted when I looked down and saw the nasty scars that cover my lower body ... but now I see them differently. I'm no longer ashamed of them (even when on stage) and I can look at them and FEEL MY PURPOSE ... even though I have no clue what it is.

Two years ago a fellow 1st Phorm Athlete (Johnnie) sent me an email after seeing my "accident" post I make every April 1st. He sent me a chapter in one of his favorite books that talks about scars. I've read it on the anniversary of my accident since then. But it touches me SO MUCH I really think I need to read it once a week! I want to share it with you all. Read .. reflect .. and please be grateful for this day. Tomorrow is not a guarantee my friends. ((If you are having problems reading them I also posted them on INSTAGRAM.)

XoXo - Stacy


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