Friday, March 3, 2017

#PrepWithPurpose: I Love Me Challenge - Day Two

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Hey Friends,

I've had a morning "ritual" for a while now. Nothing set in stone as far as what order I do things ..but there are always things that I do the first couple hours I'm awake.

I decided to read the book Miracle Morning (because it was free on Amazon and it had been on my list for years.) While the author has a very specific 6 categories/things he thinks you should complete each morning before you start your day .. I realized I'd already been doing some of them (in my own way) for a while. I had developed a ritual without even realizing it. What I also realized is that on the days I DON'T do my little ritual I feel a little more lazy and just overall a little more "down".
Maybe this author is on to something!! I've tried to do HIS 6 things suggested ...but kinda failed, ha. Maybe I'll try again:)  For those wondering ... my things I do each morning include prayer/meditation, rolling/stretching, walking my dog, affirmations and making my bed (even though nobody is gonna see it unmade.) Also things like coffee, breakfast and the news.

Anyway .. my point with all of this is that I think I became a HAPPIER person (and in turn somehow loved ME more) when I came up with a little morning routine that I enjoy.

You don't need to read Miracle Morning to learn what his "suggested morning rituals" are .. you can google it and it pops right up. But the gist of it is to MAKE YOURSELF get up EARLIER and dedicate some time to the following BEFORE you start your day. 1 - Pray or meditate .. 2 - recite affirmations .. 3 - practice visualization .. 4 - do something active ...  5- read (something productive not some novel) ... 6 - Write (a journal, gratitude list, etc.)  So the only things I really don't do that I should do (according to the author) is practice visualization, read and write. I actually do read everyday. I just don't always do it the first two hours I'm awake. I also write (blog) but don't really journal. As for visualization ... I need to do it more because ... IT WORKS!

Okay .. that is off track a little. But I was just thinking about what point in my life I felt like I became "happier" and more accepting of myself and I realized it was when I moved to Vegas and developed a morning ritual that I look forward to each day! So give it a try. Come up with a morning ritual that will make YOU HAPPY and do it everyday before you get side tracked/distracted. No negativity allowed (so likely no checking email or scrolling socials.) Make sure it includes something for your mind, mental health, goals and body! This is when you could also record YOUR "I Love Me" challenge video.


I am sorry my "I Love Me" experience is rather boring so far. Haha. Not really sure what I'm expecting out of this. Maybe it will be a big ole fail? But maybe it will be life changing for someone else reading/watching :) You can go to my ORIGINAL INTRO Post and click on the link I posted about another love yourself challenge I saw on line. Some peoples videos are very emotional and very touching. It is amazing seeing how painful saying "I Love Me" was at first and how they blossomed over the days into truthfully believing/living what they were saying to themselves!


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