Thursday, March 2, 2017

Read E Books .. FOR FREE!

Hey Friends,

Happy Read Across America Day ... and Happy Birthday Dr. Seuss!!

I made it a goal this year to read more. I was always the person who would pick up a book and read it for a few days .. put it down and weeks would pass before I thought to pick it up again ... then I forgot what I had read ... so I'd just never finish it.

I am happy to say that I've already read 3 books this year! So I'm feeling good about my reading goals! BUT books aren't cheap .. especially if you are reading them fast. I tried a couple of the "free trials" on amazon but it was really hit or miss as to if there would be any books worth reading. I'm not trying to read for simply enjoyment .. I'm trying to read to learn and be a better human. So no more novels or non fiction crap. Instead I'm filling my brain with information, positivity and motivational material! Those books aren't really available on any of those "unlimited" membership sites.

Then I found out that LIBRARIES offer E-Book versions for "rental"!!! They don't have all the books I would want to read but they have a HUGE selection. I even found 4 of the books that were on my "to read" list! I used an app called OVERDRIVE. 

I thought about also seeing if any of you guys wanted to do a "book trade". Together we could pick two books we want to read. I buy one .. you buy the other. Then when we are finished ... we ship them to each other? It could become a little book trading club of sorts :) Email me if you are on board!!

In the meantime, I'm gonna take advantage of this free library e-book business. You get them for 21 days (at least you do at my library in vegas.) Once I signed up online I did have to go to my local library and show my ID to get my library card. Not sure if all states require that.

I am currently reading (for FREE) "Hardwiring Happiness" -- What are you reading right now?


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