Saturday, March 4, 2017

#PrepWithPurpose - I Love Me Challenge: Day Three

Hey Friends ...

It's day three of this little challenge and I'll be honest .. I'm just not feeling it.

I am kind of emotionless when I look at myself and say "I Love You".  I'm not sure what I was expecting .. if anything. I started thinking of why I'm not feeling anything ... nothing positive .. nothing negative. I wonder if it's because I know I'm publicly posting my videos? I'm gonna give it a few more days .. but I may have no choice but to STOP posting them. If KNOWING that I'll be posting my video is somehow holding me back from "feeling" .. then I need to change that.
We shall see :)

I thought today I'd address the issue of those of you that ARE feeling emotions when you say it.
If you CAN NOT easily look in your eyes and say "I Love You (name)" that is obviously a good indication that your relationship with yourself needs work. So if you are having a hard time with it .. make sure after saying it out loud WHILE LOOKING AT YOURSELF .. you are contemplating WHY you are having a hard time saying those words to yourself. Talk to yourself about it. Then think of someone you really love. Maybe it's your parents, child, spouse, friend .. whoever. Think of someone you deeply love. Now .. re-direct those feelings to yourself. Let's start trying to love ourselves in the way we love the person .. we love the most.

Today ... I focused on apologizing to myself for the way I treat myself (mainly mentally.) So here is my DAY THREE VLOG! Still boring .. but again .. while MY journey is about ME .. THIS journey isn't about me. Sharing with you all is my way of hoping you jump on board. Hoping that somewhere .. someone .. out in this big ole world ... is going to take something "deep" away from this .. even if I don't :)

**Video is having issues uploading again. I think the file is too large for blogger. Too sleepy tonight to re download it. Please come back later and I'll hopefully have it posted**


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