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Cheesy Zucchini Quinoa "Noodle" Bake (Macro Friendly)

If your New Years Resolution involves "losing weight" then you may be having hunger pains as you adjust to your new lifestyle! I have a solution for you! Bulk up any of your meals with ZERO CARB Noodles! They are called MIRACLE noodles for a reason y'all! 

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you already know I often put Miracle Noodles in my food creations. This is NOT because I believe in a Low Carb diet. If you follow me on any of my social media platforms then you also know I LOVE MY CARBS .. I EAT MY CARBS .. AND I THINK YOU SHOULD TOO :)

I love these noodles because I like adding "bulk" to most my meals. One reason I like "bulk" is because I believe I was born with the appetite of a large man, lol, but also because I eat around 5 meals a day, which means my carbs are spread out!  While some meals have more carbs than others (usually pre and post workout) they are never all at ONE meal. Because of that, it's almost impossible to have a MASSIVE bowl of pasta! And let's be real ... who wants to have 2oz of noodles as the serving size suggests!! I remember when I got one of my original meal plans when I first tarted competing and it said EIGHT rotini noodles .. EIGHT!!! I was like .. ummm can I just have an ENTIRE bag of Miracle Noodles and some veggies instead, lol!! Don't believe me when I say a serving of pasta is SMALL? Just get out that scale and weigh it dry (which is how you do it), cook it up and put it on a plate. You will quickly see why I choose Miracle Noodles over the "real" stuff! Not to mention that pasta sauce you are using has carbs as well. Because of that, if I'm having real pasta then I usually save it for a date night OUT at a yummy italian restaurant! It's just personally not where I choose to "spend" my day-to-day carb allowance! Before I discovered Miracle Noodles, pasta was the thing I missed the most when adapting a healthy lifestyle. But now I rarely even want to go out and eat the real stuff because my cravings are gone since I have Miracle Noodles almost everyday!

This Miracle Noodle recipe I came up with this week incorporates REAL carbs from Quinoa and "bulk" from spiraled zucchini and tasty Miracle Noodles! So you are getting a TON of food!! However if you are one of those low carbers simply omit the quinoa and you are set!

Oh and one really neat thing about Miracle Noodles .. you can sign up for monthly delivery and save lots of money!! I am signed up to get mine every 60 days! But if I'm running low, or in a rare case stocked up, I can log in and adjust my order for no fee! ALSO ... if you use THIS LINK and use the code AFF10 ... they will give you a DISCOUNT on your order!

There ya have it! Click, order, cook and then tag me when you make this healthy, macro friendly, fiber filled, yummy side dish! Stay tuned for more recipes using Miracle Noodles!!

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Cheesy Zucchini Quinoa "Noodle" Bake 
*The amounts below are for a single serving but each ingredient can be adjusted to fit your macro needs or multiplied for numerous servings*

* 3oz Miracle Noodles (prepared)
* 150g Spiralized Zucchini (raw)
* 1/8 of a cup cooked Quinoa (for me this equaled 37g)
* 1/2 oz Shredded Cheese of choice (For THIS recipe I used Trader Joe’s Lite Mozzarella. But see notes below for other macro friendly options)
*1 /2-1tbs tablespoon parmesan cheese (macros in this recipe is for 1/2)
* Salt (Adjust to liking. I used Flavor God Himalayan Salt & Pepper combo)
* Other Seasonings — I used red pepper flakes and garlic parmesan popcorn seasoning
* Optional - 1/2 tbs olive oil

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*Preheat Oven to 400
*Make sure and get all the moisture out of the raw spiraled zucchini and cooked miracle noodles, I use a cheese cloth! If you don't get the moisture out it will be watery.
*Mix together all ingredients -- except grated parmesan cheese.
*Spray a oven safe ramican with olive oils spray
*Put mixture in ramincan and top with parmesan
*Bake for about 30 min!
* ENJOY with a side of lean protein, more veggies, etc!

* I wanted to have this again today with my amazing pork chops I meal prepped yesterday, but didn't have enough protein allowance to use shredded mozzarella. I wasn't willing to downsize my meat servings at my meals and wanted to have my amazing ProYo later tonight! Some people may not realize this, but a serving of cheese takes up a good chunk of protein macros! I can remember a time when I sprinkled "fat free" cheese on foods seeing it more as a condiment because it didn't have any fat or carbs. But what many people fail to realize, is that cheese isn't just a "fat" source (if using full fat or light) ... it is a protein source as well! These are all things I learned when I switched to Flexible Dieting. It's amazing how aware you come when you start tracking all your macros! For example, a serving of that TJ Lite Mozerella has 7g of protein!

Anywho .. I made this again today but instead of the shredded mozzarella I used my all time favorite macro saver ..... laughing cow light cheese! I just cut little pieces off the wedge and put it in the mixture and stirred it up just as I did with the shreds! Beware .. this cheese can be hard to work with cause it is creamy and sticks to your fingers! I usually leave it in the wrapper and just use a knife to cut off little pieces and place in my food. You can use regular the swiss or one of the flavored ones (pepperjack is my favorite) ... just make sure they are the light ones. The packaging for the Original looks the same so it's easy to grab the higher macro one! In addition to a laughing cow cheese wedge I also added 5g of Nutritional Yeast :) More recipes using this amazing powder COMING SOON! In the meantime .. go to VitaCost and order it NOW!

Not gonna lie ... I think I liked my more macro friendly version BETTER!!! I also made it without the quinoa today and added 2 more oz of Miracle Noodles :)

The original recipe listed above would have been better with MORE shredded cheese! I would suggest eat least 2oz for the amount of zucchini and miracle noodles used. But it still tasted great using the very moderate amount listed! Next time I will set aside more macros and make it cheesier!

Macros (Using specific brands listed above and the USDA listed macros for raw zucchini) 
Protein: 8
Carbs: 21
Fat: 4
Fiber: 3
Total Calories: 143

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