Friday, June 5, 2015

Banana Oat Muffins with 1st Phorm CTC Icing (macros included)

Hey Fit Fam,

Breakfast doesn't have to be boring! Even for those who are restricted to egg whites and oats! If' you have read any of my breakfast recipes you know that there is no need for butter or carb filled flours when making "baked goods". With some fruit, ground oats, eggs and/or protein powder ... you can make almost anything! Remember it's all about modifications! 

On my higher calorie day earlier this week I decided to make breakfast for my pre-workout. These muffins are something I would have for breakfast on an average day .. maybe just less banana or a different (lower carb) fruit (such as blueberries or strawberries.) It's essentially just my Basic Batter Base recipe with maybe a little more fruit than normal. But it was the icing that gave these that extra YUM factor this go round!!

On a normal day, the muffins are probably all I would have for breakfast. Maybe some extra egg whites in them or as a side. But with all the extra oats and fruit I was allowing myself for this pre-workout meal ... I was able to have a FOUR of these muffins, a bowl of oats with cinnamon, stevia and more banana, 2 pieces of Canadian bacon and a side of "sweet" egg whites!! Such a filling meal and a GREAT pre-workout for sure since it didn't leave me sluggish!

The banana oat muffins are so easy! I've made them many times and use different fruit (but if you follow the basic batter base link you will see I usually make it in a microwave muffin) ... but banana is always the best when making muffins in my opinion because it naturally sweetens the muffins and makes them really moist! If you are craving another fruit - maybe try a very small amount of banana. Promise it really helps with the sweetness/moisture!

This recipe makes one serving for me (which is 4 small muffins for me.)  You can add or subtract ingredients based on your own personal macros. Also feel free to double/triple your recipe and make several batches and have them already ready for breakfast for a few days!! Why in the world would you buy those nasty boxed muffins or add unnecessary things like butter, etc. These are easy, healthy & yummy!!!

Muffin Ingredients:
** 1/2 medium banana (50 grams)
** 2 egg whites (you can use liquid or actual egg whites. But I have found that in baking in the oven real egg whites make better muffins. In the microwave however .. liquid egg whites are better. Odd, I know.)
** Generous amount of cinnamon
** Baking Powder - I don't measure but it's around 1/8th tsp I would guess. I use the same amount in everything.
** Xanthan Gum - Not even 1gram. Like a slight dusting. This just makes them rise better I think. I've started adding this to all my baking. But it DOES have carbs. But it would be less than 1g if you only added the tiny amount really needed. This is totally optional!
** Stevia ( I use one pkt or two squeezes of the liquid kind)
** 1/4 cup old fashioned oats (grind them after you measure)

Mix all ingredients together in a bowl. Put in lined/greased muffin pan. Bake at 350 for 20-30min!!

*3 to 4 grams of CTC Phormula -1 Protein Powder (vanilla level one would be great too)
*Extra Cinnamon (I always add extra cinnamon, lol)
*1.5oz any yogurt of choice. This actually made a bunch. 1oz would probably do just fine.  (I used Kroger CarbMaster Vanilla for these. But pending what my macro needs are I usually use Dannon Light & Fit 80 cal yogurt)
*Sprinkle of stevia if you want sweeter (if using greek yogurt I think it helps with the flavor)

** While your muffins bake just mix all this together! That easy! I make a bunch of this and store in my fridge and put on top of everything from my post workout mug cakes, to waffles, and even RICE CAKES! Use any flavor of yogurt and 1st Phorm protein of your choice ... mine varies based on what I am eating! You can get super creative with this! Last night I made a chocolate coconut oil icing for my rice cakes! I'll post that recipe soon!

APPROX Macros for my four muffins using measurements above
Calories - 150
Carbs - 24
Protein - 11
Fat - 1.3

APPROX Macros for Icing I used in THIS recipe
Calories - 27
Carbs - 1.3
Protein - 4.8
Fat - 0.5

Again, I also had more oats, more banana, bacon and sweet egg whites at this meal! For the SWEET EGGS recipe -- click here :)

** Other Toppings **
If you don't want the yogurt based icing, you could mix some Walden Farms and Cinnamon for a virtually macro free topping! You could also add in some nuts to the batter!! Other things hat would be tasty on top of these babies ... a tsp of sugar free jelly on each one, some melted peanut butter, PB2, a little bit of a crumbled quest bar, semi-sweet chocolate chips, unsweetened coconut flakes, etc. Options are endless!! Cater to YOUR own taste buds and macros!!

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