Friday, June 5, 2015

Enjoy A Guilt Free National Donut Day: Chocolate Peanut Butter S'mores Donuts (macros included)

Hey Fit Fam ..

Happy National Donut Day!!! No need to ruin your diet, waste all your macros, or use your saved up "cheat' today. I came up with a donut recipe that will satisfy your donut day cravings and help you stay on track!!! No gluten. No Flour. Low Fat. Low Carb. High Protein. 

healthy donut

Move over Krispy Kreme .. Simply Stacy has created a healthy (even prep friendly) donut that didn't make me miss the high sugar, carb and fat filled version one bit!!!  Okay, that isn't exactly true. Nothing will ever replace a classic glazed Krispy Kreme donut. But even if I wanted to make it fit or have a splurge ... I couldn't since I have Celiac Disease and can't have gluten. It's been 10 years since I've had a real donut. I've had some Gluten Free ones over the years but let me tell ya .. NONE of them match the ones I made today! Plus the ones I made are HEALTHY!!!! I am 4 weeks out from my first show of 2015 and enjoying donuts for breakfast .. whhhhaaaat? 

I am NOT a chef and I am especially not a baker. But since starting competing a year ago, I started trying to come up with simple ways to make boring food ... yummy. I didn't have as much flexibility last year, but with doing Flexible Dieting this year.... I do. Since I haven't celebrated National Donut Day in at least 10 years .. I was determined to come up with a donut that was not only healthy but fit my needs for this particular morning. 

I made these babies in about 10-15 min this morning and ... I AM STILL DROOLING!!  


*12grams Chocolate Coconut Level One Protein by 1st Phorm 
*1/8 tsp Baking Powder
*Tiny pinch of Xanthan Gum. Not even 1gram.  (could leave this out. I just think it makes them a tad fluffier)
*1 packet of Stevia
** You could use ONLY 1st Phorm (1 rounded scoop). I would suggest that because they would have more flavor. But in order to make this fit my macros this morning I had to use 1/2 Quest baking powder as well because it has less fat/carbs since it's just a plain ole high protein baking powder. Again, would be better and not add too many macros by using ONLY 1st Phorm. And ANY flavor would work! **

*1/8 cup unsweetened vanilla almond milk
*1/4 cup Vanilla Muscle Egg (you can use regular egg whites and vanilla extract if you don't have muscle egg. But you should reallllllllly get some. It makes amazing sweet eggs and crepes.) 
*1tbs Walden Farms Chocolate Syrup (you can leave this out. but it made them much more chocolatey. you could also do semi-sweet chocolate chips but it would change the macros quite a bit.) 
*1/2 tbs Coconut Oil (melted) 
*1oz Yogurt ((I used Kroger Vanilla CarbMaster for this recipe))

*1/2 Tablespoon Whips Peanut Butter
*1-2 tablespoons Unsweetened Vanilla Almond Milk 
*Stevia (I used about 1/2 pkt) 
*1/4 of a quest bar. I used S'mores because I already had one open. But so many flavors would work with this!! I baked mine in a 375 degree oven for 8-10 min while I was getting everything ready so that it was crispy!! 
((you could also add in a few grams of different flavor of protein powder as well))

Plug in your donut maker and let it get hot. If you don't have one you could use a donut mold in the oven. I'd guess it would be 350 or 375. Not sure on duration. 
First ... in a bowl mix together all your DRY ingredients. 
Second ... In a separate bowl melt the coconut oil in the microwave (about 20 seconds) and then add in all other wet ingredients. Whisk well. 
Slowly add the dry ingredients to the wet ingredient bowl. I added a little at a time. 
Pour into donut mold (sprayed with butter spray so it doesn't stick.) 
Make your topping while you wait! 

While your donuts are baking simply whisk together the icing ingredients. Peanut butter, Almond Milk and stevia! 
I mixed mine up mine IN the bowl that I mixed the donut batter in ( I used pasteurized egg whites. if you use real egg whites you can't do this cause those have to be cooked). Doing this used any last little bit of batter left over in the bowl and gave it a little touch of the donut taste! 

Once donuts are done cover them in your icing and then crumble the baked quest bar on top!!! You could do all kinds of toppings, but this combo was HEAVENLY!!!!!  

There you have it ... clean donuts for NATIONAL DONUT DAY!! 

Macros for this ENTIRE batch of FIVE donuts (using the brands and measurements I used) 
Calories: 289
Carbs: 11.6
Fat: 13.4
Protein: 35 

Eat Clean. Train Dirty. 

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