Tuesday, July 15, 2014

Transformation Tuesday: Slow & Steady

Hey Fit Fam ...

This isn't a real "transformation". It's purpose is to show you that SLOW & STEADY & CONSISTENT is the way to have a #BodyForLife. 

The picture on the left is THIS week. The right is a few days before #FlexLewisClassic (almost 3 weeks ago). There are minor changes only I notice (and I'm not a good picture taker so lighting is different, etc Lol). But the point is ... you don't have to crash diet, or do crazy amounts of cardio, or two-a-days at the gym JUST to reach your goals....no matter what they are. If you take it slow, THEN reach your goal, then maintain -- you won't have crazy fluctuations!!

I see so many people post about weight fluctuations when "dieting" and also see so many bikini competitors post about gaining 10,15, 20 pounds in the week after their show cause they *finally* had something bad after months of depriving themselves, stopped doing crazy amounts of cardio, stopped "carb depleting" & "carb cycling", stopped taking pills or fat burners (and for some ppl all of re above) - etc. When if they were just consistent all the time, didn't rely on supplements to lean themselves out quickly, allowed smart cheats, didn't kill themselves doing extra cardio to look a certain way by a certain time, etc -  they could probably keep their body all the time ;) 

I want to add that I am still contest "prepping" right now .. but even when I'm not in contest season I don't want to look much different than this. And considering my wellness plan doesn't have me crash for stage in any way, form or fashion ... I should be able to maintain my results pretty - as long as I keep doing what I do all the time. Which is eat well, lift weight and do about one cardio session a week!! 

All I am saying is don't try to rush into your goal. If you take drastic measures to reach your goals ... It will be unrealist for you to maintain your results forever. It's so worth it to take it slow and have a program that you can easily maintain ;) 

This is my path. I'm not saying it's the right one. I am not "downing" people who choose to do things differently (especially those trying to bulk to gain muscle). I am just  saying that slow & steady sure hasn't failed me yet!  Not before I started competing ... not while competing .. And hopefully not after I am done ;-)  Well .. Except that one week I go on vacation and gorge in August. Everyone gets a week off of being good for vacation - right ;) It's like a hall pass for being consistent the rest of the year ;) Oh .. you know me though. I'll eat and finally drink alcohol (haha) ... But I will find a gym while I am in beautiful Mexico ... and get right back to my healthy life when I get home ;-) 

Eat Clean. Train Dirty. 

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