Wednesday, March 26, 2014

My Oat Obsession .. explained :)

Hey Fit Fam ...

My oats every day for breakfast post made me think I should write about WHY I love Oats so much and WHY I think they are great for not only those of us on a fitness or competition journey - but for anyone wanting to live a healthier lifestyle.  Also I've had a few of you ask a really good question. "I thought you had Celiac Disease. Aren't oats off limits."

So I'm going to address both of these things today.

First.... Oats are a HUGE Celiac "debate". My gastro doctor told me when I has diagnosed in 2006 that they are essentially a "trial and error" grain. Some people with celiac can tolerate them and some can't. This caused me a little bit of concern since so many Celiac patients have "Silent Celiac" and even those with regular Celiac can still  be "glutened" silently.   Here is a great resource of the many opinions on Oats and Celiac. Do your own research and decide for yourself!! But in a few words ... what I got from the debate is that ... oats aren't the problem. They lack many of the proteins found in wheat. One issue raised is cross contamination in oat fields. But keep in mind the FDA requires Wheat be listed on labels. SO if the parts per million (of wheat) is high enough in the cross contamination phase .. they would have to list it as an allergen. When I stick to 100% Oats .. I've yet to have a problem. Some people go the safe route and buy GF Oats .. that is fine too! Do some research and do what works for you.

On to WHY I love oats. I used to never eat them. I thought they were just "ehh" tasting, that they were too high in carbs and not the most exciting breakfast. When I started adding things to them and reading more about them I quickly realized why they need to be a staple!!

Here are a few reasons why!

*Low Calorie
*They make you feel full .. longer
*High fiber
*Low Fat
*Stabilizes blood sugar
*Good for cholesterol (said to remove bad cholesterol because of the unique fiber in them called Beta-Glucan).
* Protects against heart disease and cancer
*Enhance Immune Response to infection

There are MANY more! Lots of them are in this article .. which also goes on to elaborate the above. I suggest you read it!!

It is BEST to just use regular old fashioned oats! Unless you are an expert label reader most of the pre packaged oats are off limits. The only ones I've seen that seem pretty good are BETTER OATS. The ones in the single serving packet that are steel cut with flax. They are already measured, they are lower in carbs than many others for whatever reason, they taste better and there is NOTHING else in the ingredients. That is what you are looking for...PURE OATS. None of the ones that add dried fruit, sugar or other crap. JUST OATS! Whether you get Steel Cut, Old Fashioned, etc - that is up to you! I prefer Old Fashioned or Steel Cut! Most people do quick oats for "time" reasons, but old fashioned oats are still just 2:30 in the microwave!

Eat Clean - Train Dirty

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