Thursday, March 27, 2014

Superfood Alert - Quinoa! Recipe Incuded!

Hey Fit Fam ...

One of the meals I make that I get the most recipe requests for is my "Team No Pasta" - Broccoli Slaw Spaghetti. It really is one of my favorite meals! But sometimes you just want real pasta and sometimes your body just needs more carbs! Especially on those really tough work out days. I often have this meal on Leg Day! Remember .. carbs are your friend!! As long as you measure them out, keep a count of your macro (and adjust based on your needs that day) and the most important .. have GOOD CARBS.

One of the best forms of carbs... Quinoa!  Thankfully there is a Quinoa Pasta out there! If you haven't tried it ... I HIGHLY recommend you do! It stacks up pretty similar to brown rice pasta. Both are really good. We get ours at Kroger!

This is a pic of what we made last night! For our sauce - check out the Team No Pasta blog.  With any gluten free pasta - make sure and don't overcook. However unlike some GF pasta's .. no need to rince Quinoa Pasta! Watch your portions and enjoy! *yes that is a little parm on top. just be careful how much you use. you would be surprised how little a tsb or tbs is*

Oh and because it's obvious that I LOVE QUINOA. Here is a little list of WHY it's your friend. Again .. repeat after me COMPLEX CARBS ARE MY FRIEND :) 

*High Protein Grain
*low fat & low cal
*Gluten Free
* It has a low glycemic index (**This is because it's a complex carb. This is what you are looking for in you eat carbs. Examples of simple carbs (no no's) include white potatoes, white flours, packaged cereals, cake, cookies, fruit juice .. even fruit. Side note .. you should eat fruit btw, just make sure you portion it out and try to eat it at the time of day that you will most benefit from that sugar rush -  I.E. right after a weight lifting workout, etc.**)
*High Fiber
*Rich in Magnesium (Magnesium has a TON of health benefits)
*It's an antiseptic. The saponins from quinoa are used to promote healing of skin injuries in South America.
*Has all 9 essential amino acids (so it's great for muscle repair .. another great reason to eat this on a tough workout day). 
*Many more!
Eat Clean - Train Dirty

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