Sunday, March 23, 2014

More Oats Please ....

Hey Fit Fam ...

I am one of those people. I find a meal at a restaurant - it's the one I order. I always wash my face first when in the shower. I am overall a creature of habit. The only place this doesn't apply is the gym. I find myself starting to do the "same ole, same ole", but I've had to "force" myself to jump outside the box.

This said .. it will be no surprise to you that almost every single day I eat the same thing for breakfast.
Of course coffee .. and one serving of oats (I have become obsessed with Oat Revolution pre measured steel cut oats w/flax), with one scoop of protein (I was using Intek Caramel Latte but have recently been using NLA For Her Vanilla Cupcake or  Cellucor Vanilla) .  I make the oats per instructions, mix in the powder and add more water until it's the consistency I prefer.

Today I mixed things up a little bit! The kind folks at About Time Protein sent me some samples. So far I have just used them in shakes and the protein is DELISH! Today I tried to use it in my oats! I even ventured off my path and tried my oats with Chocolate protein (I've seen several people in my fit fam do that and claim it is great).  I also added my favorite nut butter Justin's Maple Almond Butter and a squeeze of my most favorite find to date ... Skinny Girl Agave (I keep a bottle of this stuff everywhere. It's been my way of always having a better sweetener on hand, since places like Starbucks still only offer splenda or aspartame .. btw .. why do those stupid pink packets even still exist).

The verdict? It wasn't .. bad. Will I make it again? Ehh, maybe. The protein wasn't the issue. Their protein really is delicious, clean and they make a Vegan version too. I think I just don't prefer the chocolate/oat combo. To me the Vanilla is a better "mix" for my taste buds. Actually, the Caramel Latte is THE BEST .. but unfortunately I read some stuff about Intek that has me concerned. Even lawsuits filed about "false nutrition claims". I just finished our 5lb jug .. not decided if I'm going to purchase again. Gonna dig a little more first.

Mix up your own oat concoction and share it with me if it's good! But whatever you don't "just have oats". So many people think it's healthy to have yogurt, fruit, cereal, etc., for breakfast. That isn't clean eating! You must have a combo of carbs and protein!  Don't get so caught up on "but it will add calories". You have to fuel your body the correct way to see results (not to mention stay full longer). My husband prefers to do his in a "shake".  I just like to CHEW, haha. Makes me feel fuller!

Eat clean.. Train dirty,

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