Friday, August 6, 2010


Hello Everyone,

It's once again Thankful Thursday! If you don't know what I am talking about .. then shame on you .. you don't regularly read my blog :)

You can just go to last weeks Thankful Thursday to see what is up if ya want. 

Here is what I posted on my facebook Thankful Thursday this week:

I've got so much to be thankful for but this week here are the highlights :) So glad that my God is an AWESOME God and that he blessed me with a wonderful home, fun job, fabulous family, great friends (even if most are miles away) and a man that is gorgeous inside and out! Also thankful for homemade smoothies, raspberry green tree mix, great jeans, my DVR and my facebook friends!

As far as any elaborating ... Basically I really am just giving God all the glory for all the things I'm so blessed to have.  

* I do have a pretty sweet loft ( trying not to focus on the fact that our addition was suppose to happen a YEAR ago and is still in slow motion. well .. not even started yet ) .. 
* I do have a fun job, it's challenging and harder than you think it would be .. but it's a career and it's a lot more fun that most. 
* I have a fabulous family and wonderful friends for sure.  I guess that is why I get sad and home sick often. None of them live near me .. so it gets a little lonely. Especially in the "girlfriend" category. It's hard to find good friends .. well .. REAL friends anyway.  But I'm just grateful they are a phone call, text or message away!  I should also say that I am grateful for the few I have also found here in my new home! 
* My sweet man ... I just can't say enough :)  He really is such a great guy ya'll.  He has the best soul and is sooooooo good to me. He treats me like a princess, yet knows how to put me in my place, while still showing me that he loves me.  I am so lucky. 

Then I just go into a few random things I feel grateful for this week, hehe.

*Homemade smoothies.  Well, that is kind of a funny one.  Ya see, I am very very lucky.  I guess I am thankful for my muscle memory and the genes my mama and daddy gave me because I dont work out, don't do cardio, dont do much of anything .. yet everyone thinks I work out everyday. 
While I may not "need" to go to the gym .. I have decided that I "want" to start going more regularly.  When I've gone on a regular basis in the past I'm much happier, sleep better, etc.  Plus I know that my heart isn't in the best shape. I can lift weights all day but I can't run more than a lap without being out of breath, ha. So I've started working on cardio this week.  I went to a really challenging class on Monday.  It was really hot in there and that combined with the fact that I don't work out and I went in with an empty stomach .. cause me to feel a little sick when I got in the car.  I needed sugar .. bad.  So I ran home and made a delish homemade smoothie and immediately felt new again :)  It was so yummy .. forget Smoothie King! 

*Raspberry Green Tea.  I have also been trying to drink more water.  I do really well at home. We don't drink anything except Raspberry Green Tea, ice water and on occassion a diet drink.  But at work I tend to forget to drink anything except my first cup of caffeine each day.  So in order to try to make myself remember I've been taking a 50oz water container with me each day and mixing my raspberry green tea in it.  Today I had two of them and I've had at least one at work all week.  I've had to take alot of potty breaks ..  but I'm getting more than my daily recommendation of H20. 

*Great Jeans.  I've been looking for new pair of cute/stylish carpi's.  I found some great William Rast ones.  They are pricey .. but I've been known to pay much more for good denim.  It is the one thing that is totally worth it when you find a good pair ... or like me .. lots of pairs. 

*DVR.  Well all my horrible reality tv shows are back on and we are only days away from the return of Weeds.  So this is a necessity!  

*Facebook Friends.  I say this kinda in a love/hate way, ha.  I love my FB friends.  They make me laugh and smile and I love hearing what most have to say.  However I am about to run out of space (i'm almost at my 5,000 friends) and it's stressing me out!!!!  I don't want a fanpage because they can't be private .. and .. having a GROUP page is an option .. but it's just not as good for what I do.  Decisions .. decisions.

That is it for my Thankful Thursday .. don't forget to take time to really think about everything .. big and small .. that YOU are thankful for too!

Grace and Peace to you ...

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