Saturday, October 9, 2010

Judge Judy For President

Hey Ya'll ..

I know .. I know .. it's been a while.  I'd like to say I have some grand excuse ... but I don't have one at all. 
Unless being busy, being un-motivated and having nothing to ramble about are excuses?! 

Anyway .. I promise to do better .. blah, blah, blah. No .. I really do promise! 

So, I saw this video on facebook today.  Most of you know my stance on Gay/Lesbian rights.  If you don't know,  you it doesn't matter, because whether it's right or wrong isn't the point of me posting this video. 

The point is .. JUDGE JUDY IS RIGHT!!!!!  Our GOVERNMENT has a heck of a lot of other REALLY BIG issues (some life or death) that they should worry about.  Not sure that dictating who someone is allowed to publicly love should be at the top of their agenda?

Peace and Grace to You,

Look on You Tube for her ENTIRE Larry King interview.  She says some pretty hilarious things about Octomom too!!

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  1. I do not know what the ramifications would be to have a fully open homosexual embracing society. I do not know how that kind of openness or teaching in public society and schools or churches would interfere with decision making naturally inside the mind of any child and therefore, due to the inability of children to be adult thinkers, they may wind up confused sexually. My wife and I are open minded sexually as long as We are the focus.I'm just in support of not flaunting confusing material, sights etc. into an 8 year olds mind that she or he can't handle like knowing jan and jane from church and seeing them get married??? That's not the norm. The norm is a man and a woman, to reproduce, from a purely objective POV. I'd like to hold to the center while young minds develop. Judge Judy is right about Gov having other stuff to worry about, Most ignore it like the plague, Dem or Repub.
    IDK Ima rambler too. Just think about the little minds that are important to You and how they should have an even Keel as they learn. BTW. I call my wife Semibisexual. So are you. Loved the Baccalaureate Pic.