Monday, August 2, 2010

Home Grown

Hey Everyone,

My memory was jolted to a really happy place today.  I went to the farmers market and bough the yummiest tomatoes and cucumbers from this sweet old man. Being there and seeing their hard working hands made me think of my sweet granny.  She loved her garden and worked so hard in it. She had rows and rows of corn, tomatoes, cucumbers, green beans, okra, etc. She even had an apple tree that grew the most amazing tasting green apples. That is what made her apple butter so popular :)

There is no doubt that buying produce from a farmers market is much better than a grocery store. It really does taste better. There are a dozen reasons why ... but personally I think most of it comes down to love.
These farmers love their gardens and put alot of pride into what they do and getting to buy it directly from them is a neat experience if you think about it that way.  I guess if you didn't have a grandparent or parent that had pride in their garden you wouldn't understand .. but I get it .. and it makes me want to return every single week!

I worry about the farmers markets of the future though. I don't know many peoples parents that have a garden, little alone a friend my age that has a garden.

I sure hope that things are still grown with love for my kids one day, don't you?

Grace and Peace to you ...

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