Friday, July 30, 2010


Hey Everyone ...

Thankful Thursday is something I do on Facebook every week.  I saw it on a blog years ago and tried to do it on Myspace when that was the social network page to have. Well, after myspace fell apart ... I forgot about it.  Recently I saw it again and ever since I have posted a Thankful Thursday on Facebook every single week.

You should try to do it too. It doesn't have to be public. Make it a journal or just a thought as you lay down or get up on Thursday's.  Of course we should remember what we are thankful for everyday .. but it's easy to go about your day to day motion and be thankful without really thinking about what specifically you are thankful for.  Obviously I am always thankful for family, friends, health, shelter, etc. This just gives us a chance to really think about what it is specifically we are thankful for.

I'm going to start posting my Thankful Thursday's on here too.  I may try to elaborate a little afterwards since this blogging thing is about me writing everyday!

This week for my Thankful Thursday I am Thankful for ...

A few relaxing days "away from it all" .. that beautiful bronze look the sunshine leaves on you even when you must leave it behind...that I got to have a little time with my family and niece .. good conversation and catching up with good friends .. modern medicine .. the power of prayer .. and good souls. I am so blessed to be in love with one :)

To elaborate a little ... I went on a family vacation with Doug's family last week.  It was by far one of the most relaxing vacations ever!!  They own river front property in Savannah and literally we got up .. went either to the beach or out on the boat .. came back .. left swimsuits and cover ups on .. cooked out .. enjoyed each others company and had lots of laughs until the wee hours of the night then got up and did the same thing all over again.  I am not sure I put on a stitch of make up for 5 days! It was awesome!!!!  On top of that .. I adore Doug's family.  So it was really nice to spend some quality time with them.   

That is where the good souls part of my post comes from.  I seriously don't think there are many left in this world sometimes.   My man and his family .. they are good people.  It was really nice to be around good, fun, laid back, accepting, wonderful souls!! 

As for modern medicine .. let's just say someone near and dear to me could use some prayer right now for something she is going through.  Nothing about it is a "good thing" .. but thanks to modern medicine and good doctors .. we found out today that everything may not be as bad as it seemed. 

The power of prayer could be a laundry list of things right now.  But number one .. my sisters step mom was diagnosed with a very invasive cancer.  She was told she had only a 5% chance to survive after chemo.  She went in for treatments ... the tumors were gone!!!!!  No cancer and this is pre treatment?!  No explanation except that this is a true miracle.  I believe in them. I think we as believers have to.  There are too many bad things going on around us to NOT  believe that with hope, God's will and glorious grace .. anything is possible!  

Good conversation.. seeing family and catching up with friends. This one really made my heart smile this week.  I've had a tough time meeting good girls in Nashville.  It's not that there are all bad people here .. i've met wonderful people .. it's just been difficult to form real, true, long lasting relationships in this town for one reason or another.  I have so many wonderful acquaintances and people in Nashville that I just love to grab hug every time I see them .. I truly love them .. but having a close bond with people here  has come few and far between.  The fact that my best friends are almost all long distance makes seeing them even better! I still facebook, text and talk to this girls every week but seeing a few of them in person was so wonderful! Especially my former co-workers that I am great friends with.  I also got to eat lunch with my daddy and have my mama and sisters great homemade cooking.  It was a very short visit since I was there for work ... but it was nice. 

Hope you take some time to meditate and think about all you are thankful for too!

Grace and Peace to you,

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