Tuesday, January 30, 2018

#PrepWithPurpose - Little Zoey

For backstory on what #PrepWithPurpose is all about please read the blog entry and/or Instagram Post.

Hey Friends,

The very first #PrepWithPurpose of 2018 is here and it is a very special one.

Most of the time I have never met the person that we are lifting up and for but I have the honor of knowing the little girl featured this week.

Back in December, I started searching for a family to help during the holiday for my extension of Prep With Purpose ..  a project called Swole Santa.

Swole Santa is something I did in 2016 and wanted to do in 2017. I wanted to find the perfect family this past Christmas but by the time several agencies got back to me with family options it would have been too late to organize everything properly since Swole Santa was created to be a community effort.

Well, everything happens for a reason! One of the organizations I had connected with (Candle Lighters Las Vegas) had a family that would have been a perfect fit for Swole Santa. But again, I didn't have enough time to do it properly. My husband's company was doing their own project for the holiday and his "team" he was assigned to find someone that needed financial help over the holidays. I passed on the family that I had discovered (a little girl with cancer, her sister and her mom who is single and doing it all on her own) and AP LIVE (my hubs company) was able to provide the most special Christmas for them .. much more than my little Swole Santa project could ever have been able to do!

The little girl with cancer that they were able to provide for is Zoey and this week she is our PREP WITH PURPOSE.

Zoey's Story
Zoey is a vibrant and very funny 5 year old little girl. But she has been through so much. At only 3 years old, she was diagnosed with Acute Lymphoblastic Leukemia (known as ALL.)

She needed treatment only available at certain hospitals. Vegas was their best option but the cost to transport her back-and-forth to Vegas (plus the cost of air lift in many situations) would have been astronomical.

Her mother made the tough decision to leave her life and secure job and move from Arizona to Vegas.

She had to start over in a new city. That is scary in and of itself. Then insert the fact that you have a small child with cancer and a teenage daughter that also has to adjust to a move/new city.

In addition to having cancer - Zoey also experienced another trauma. She was bitten by the family dog (on her face) and was very lucky things were not worse!

Things have not been easy for this family... especially little Zoey. The good news is that Zoey has received the treatment she needs and is on the road to recovery. 

So with her doing "better" - - why is Zoey our Prep With Purpose?

Considering her cancer fight she would have fit the criteria anyway, but Zoey has encountered a new bump in the road to recovery. She was supposed to have a CHEMO PARTY this past Saturday to celebrate her chemo being COMPLETE, but instead, she ended up in the hospital due to complications from the flu.

So please join me this week as we LIFT UP AND FOR sweet little Zoey and her family.

We are experiencing 70+ degree temps here in Vegas this week and I bet Zoey would LOVE to be outside riding that bike we were so honored to gift her for Christmas .. but she can't.

So with every stride and every move rep this week I will thank God for my ability to do so and lift up sweet Zoey! When I feel unmotivated I will remember Zoey. She would give ANYTHING to be healthy enough to be active!

I am even going to add in a CYCLE class at THE RIDE Vegas this week in her honor. I will picture her sweet reaction when she got her bike from us during my entire ride and send prayers up that she will be back riding her bike soon!

So, Zoey, this week is for you sweet girl! Get better soon so we can come watch you ride that bike and help you celebrate being CHEMO FREE!


I hope you are joining me on this PREP WITH PURPOSE journey! If you are ... please post/share and use the hashtag #PrepWithPurpose! Let's get a huge prayer chain going and in the process maybe make the sport of bodybuilding less about "me, me, me" and a little more about helping others! Our motivation doesn't have to come from ONLY ourselves!

If you know anyone that needs urgent or ongoing prayer for any physical reason please email me all the information and a picture (or a few) to simplystacyfitness@yahoo.com.

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