Saturday, January 27, 2018


Hello Beautiful Friends,

If you have been a friend/follower of mine for a while then you probably know about the little project I started almost two years ago called PREP WITH PURPOSE.

If you are unfamiliar ... check out the original blog I did in 2016.  It explains in detail why I wanted to do this and what it is all about.

In short, I simply wanted to make competing about MORE than MYSELF. This sport can get VERY self-centered if you aren't careful and this was a way for me to put my journey and life into perspective and hopefully encourage others to do the same!

It was 100% the biggest shift for me in my mindset during my "Road To Pro" status. In fact, if it weren't for this project, I'm not even sure I would have earned Pro Status in July 2016. My heart and mind were in a really good spot and that made a WORLD of difference in terms of the work I needed to do to bring my best ... inside and out.

While I slacked at times (partially because no one was sending me prayer requests that fit the criteria) I kept this project going for every prep I've done since then and plan to kick it back in full gear starting this next week ... because CONTEST SEASON IS HERE.

I've not necessarily "started prep" in terms of my macros being dropped (see my post on Instagram from Friday where I talk about PREP being 365 and not an off season and prep season) ... but I have picked a show and it's only about 9 weeks away. So technically speaking ... prep has begun!

I never intended on stopping Prep With Purpose in my off seasons .. it just has sort of happened each year. That doesn't mean that I haven't been lifting up people that need it. It just means that I haven't been utilizing this project in the way I designed it, which is praying (or if you don't pray sending good vibes out) for someone that is NOT able to do what WE ARE ABLE TO DO! Literally .. lifting up and for someone else and using them and their story as MOTIVATION to DO THE WORK!

You don't have to be a competitor to participate in this! While the idea is to pray for someone while you are exercising .. if you aren't exercising .. that doesn't mean you can't participate in your own way! We are all "prepping" for SOMETHING. Be it work, getting the kids out the door to school and being a productive mom/spouse, etc. The idea here is .. we are ABLE to do these things while SOMEONE out there IS NOT!

Please go back and read the original blog so you understand what we are doing.
I really hope you join me this year!

Here is where some people get confused. YOU DO NOT PICK YOUR OWN PERSON if you are participating in this! The idea of this project is that we are ALL lifting up the SAME PERSON at the SAME TIME! Kind of like a little prayer chain! If you want to ADD someone to your prayer list .. feel free. But the idea is for us all to be lifting up this one person during a set time.

That said, if you have someone that needs lifting up and for, please EMAIL ME! That is the ONLY way I can do this project .. WITH YOUR HELP! I need PEOPLE that NEED LIFTING UP in order to do this!

Again, read the blog (or check out OLD prep with purpose entries) .. so you understand the KIND of requests I'm looking for.

When you send me someone ... I will need to know as many details as possible about their situation/diagnosis, pictures if they are okay with it, etc. That is simply so that I can write a complete blog entry!

I know you all have to know SOMEONE that fits this mold! So send em to me and let's get to work spiritually and physically!

I hope to have the FIRST person of the season up by Sunday evening. Make sure you go to the HOME PAGE of the blog and sign up to receive email notifications of new blogs that way you always know when someone new is posted!


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