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Prep With Purpose presents .. SWOLE SANTA

Hey Friends,

When I created these #PrepWithPurpose blog entries this past spring I never thought about expanding and doing more with it. But as my competition off season approached (and no immediate shows or goals in front of me) .. I found myself in a mental rut and searching for even MORE of a purpose.
So now I present you .... SWOLE SANTA!!
Since Christmas just isn't Christmas without GIVING BACK in one way or another... I started searching for a family in need. But I wanted the family to somehow align with the "mission" of Prep With Purpose .. which is lifting up and for those with a PHYSICAL need. I knew there had to be someone out there that due to a physical reason would not be able to provide for their children this holiday season.

I contacted several government ran groups here in Vegas .. but no one seemed to be able to guarantee that they would be able connect me with someone with these specific needs. After some research, I found a site called In short, they are a non-profit that lets people come on the page and post their need. Possible donors come on the site, read the stories and then let the site know they want to help that person.

I read many stories on the website .. but when I stumbled upon "Alisha" I got a little teary eyed. As you all know I've had endless stomach issues for much of my adult life. Lately, they have been rather mysterious and even affected my competing. So, when I found that Alisha's medical conditions centered around her stomach ... I guess I just felt a connection.

Let me tell you a little about Alisha and what issues are keeping her from working and providing for her kids this Christmas.

Alisha has four young children (ages 10-17). These pictures are from last year when things were much different for Alisha and her family.

Alisha is a single mom and is living with her parents right now. She was working two jobs when she started having some pain. After numerous "misses" her OBGYN finally found that she had some cysts on her ovaries. She went in for what she thought would be a pretty basic procedure (two small incisions) and instead woke up ... to this. 

Her entire stomach had been cut open. While removing the cysts, her doctor discovered a very large mass in her stomach and had to call in a 2nd doctor who decided that the mass needed to be removed while she was under. Thankfully the biopsy came back negative .. but they are still unsure what the mass was. In addition to recovering, Alisha is still experiencing pains as well as some new GI symptoms. She has appointments and procedures this week and will hopefully have some answers. She hopes to be fully recovered and back on her feet sooner than later .. but in the meantime she personally has no means to provide Christmas for her children. They do have a father and he provides for them when he is asked and she is blessed to have parents that help her, but as a mother .. she wants to be able to provide for them herself, even if it means "asking for help." I don't have kids .. but I get it.

I met Alisha for coffee last week, so that I could get to know her a little more. This is a one time need... as she hopes to be back working again soon once she has recovered and has answers to her continuing medical mysteries, but in the meantime, she wants "Santa" to visit her children without having to ask her family for even MORE help.

Her kids aren't asking for much. Literally each child only has FOUR items on their "wish list," so it won't take much to get them what they WANT. If we raise any extra money, I will then purchase some clothing and other necessities to help get them through the winter .. and maybe even a small gift for mom :)

If you live in VEGAS .. the drop off site for donations is City Athletic Club. If you do not live in Vegas, you can email me and I can tell you where to mail your donation or how to give (I'm doing PayPal since Go Fund Me takes a % of money donated.)

Here are your options:

Option 1 - Visit the front desk of City Athletic Club and tell them you are donating to Swole Santa. Give a monetary donation in the form of a check/money order (made out to Stacy McCloud and in subject line PREP WITH PURPOSE), pre-paid visa gift cards or gift cards to wal-mart or target (all will be used to purchase presents.)

Option 2 - Pick out an item from the wish list (email me or go to CAC front desk.) Return the gift (unwrapped) no later than 10pm on DECEMBER 16th!

Option 3 - Monetary donation online. Sites like Go Fund Me take a % of money raised. So I will take donations online via PayPal friends & family. Please contact me if you would prefer to go this route!

The deadline for any donation is DECEMBER 16th .. however the SOONER the better! It would be much easier for me to find what is on their wish list now as opposed to a few days before Christmas!

I know you all have a million ways you can give, dozens of charities to pick from and have your own families to think about. But even if you just gave $5 .. it would help! If you can't give then maybe you could go to my socials and SHARE so that someone on your page may be able to help out!!

Thank you all for joining me in flexing our biggest muscles ... our hearts :)
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