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Merry FITmas: 2017 Fitness Lovers Gift Guide

Hello Fit Fam ..

It is the most wonderful time of the year! Christmas is coming!! Which means it's time for another installment of my MERRY FITMAS GIFT GUIDE!!

Each year I put together some of my favorite fitness finds and products that I know the fitness lover in your life would love to see under the tree!

Make sure to watch my Instagram Story as we get closer to Santa coming! Many of these companies have great sales and I may or may not be doing a giveaway or two as well!

Happy Gifting :)

#1 - Athletic Apparel (i.e. - Anything except jeans, lol! Gym clothes, cute lounge clothes, leggings, sweatshirts, tank tops, etc.)

There are endless brands out there. Of course there are the obvious ones like Nike, Athleta, Lululemon, etc. But I suggest that you branch out and support smaller businesses!

My favorite is FOXY ATHLETICS! They just released the brand new Carla II leggings in FOUR color combos! So whether you go with the classics or the new ones .. you can't lose! These are comfortable, pass the squat test and have pocket(s) that hold your cell phone (in case) snug and in place!

You can use my code STACY to get FREE 2 DAY SHIPPING!!! Perfect for all y'all that are waiting until the last moment! Sizes are true to size and compression style! If it helps .. I am an XS.

If your fitness lover is a fan of 1st Phorm they have TONS of great apparel including leggings that were designed by ..... FOXY ATHLETICS! For 1st Phorm you can use my link for FAST FREE SHIPPING!

#2 - Supplements
This stuff can get expensive so I can guarantee that nobody is gonna complain about getting a nice supply of protein powder, pre-workout, etc.

My GO TO every single day "fitness supplements" are by 1st Phorm. I've been using this company for over 4 years because it not only tastes the best .. but QUALITY!! Most companies go whatever route is CHEAPEST. Not 1st Phorm. They use low temperature processing on their products and because of that you get what the label says but also you get a product that does not cause ANY stomach problems!!! My supplements change based on what phase of training I am in. But my supply consists mainly of ...  Level 1 Protein, Phormula-1 Protein, Ignition, BCAAS, MicroFactor Vitamin Pack, MegaWatt, AlphaCre, Creatine, Glutamine, GDA and any of the sleep aids (C-21 and Night T are my faves.) But there are so many others!!! PLEASE EMAIL ME and let me help customize! What I need may not be what our loved one needs! Use every time you order for no minimum FREE SHIPPING and 110% money back guarantee if for some reason you aren't happy with your purchase!!!!

The other company I use is VITAL PROTEINS. If you want to learn more about how I am becoming healthier and healing my gut with COLLAGEN products. Check out THIS blog!

I personally use the COLLAGEN BEEF GELATIN and COLLAGEN BONE BROTH POWDER the most (daily.) Then on occasion I'll have the Collagen Peptides, Collagen Whey, Collagen Creamers and Collagen Matcha!  I also LOVE the Beauty Boost daily vitamin!

If you have heard your loved one say they have gut issues (bloat/gas/etc), that they want healthier skin, hair or nails, have bad joints, have issues recovering from workouts, or simply say they want to try VP products .. most people start with the Collagen Peptides because they are most versatile. But it really depends! Feel free to shoot me an email and I'll help you order! If you don't mind .. use my LINK to order! They are hyper linked! But if you ever need it just DM me on the gram or email me!
You do get FREE US Shipping when you use it

For digestive enzymes I use GAINS IN BULK

#3 - Mobility Tools
We can't afford to get massages or body work every day .. but THIS IS THE NEXT BEST THING!
These mobility tools have changed my life!!

They are called RAD ROLLER. Guys I'm telling you .. this IS NOT your standard roller, etc. This company has really thought about human anatomy and the way our body works to bring THE BEST mobility tools on the market (in my opinion and MANY others that have purchased/used.)

I suggest investing in the entire kit . But my favorites are the ATOM, Helix, Roller Original (blue) and ALL of the rad rounds. The "block" also comes in REALLY handy! Hit me up and I'll tell you how to use them and you can use code StacyM at checkout for a big discount!

Oh and did I mention everything is so small it fits in your gym bag?!? Yup .. I take these with me everywhere! Even when I travel!

Make this present extra special by adding a Gift Certificate for some real deal Body Work and/or a massage. Here are my favorite peeps in Las Vegas in case that is where you live!

Fixed By KG (body work)
Kinetic Bodywork - Kevin Buechter (massage)

#4 - Gym Bag Essentials (This is really like 10 things categorized under one)
My gym bag has a gym inside of it, lol. There are so many things that can make your gym experience better and often many things a gym-goer NEEDS in their gym bag.
Here are a few things I think are ESSENTIAL

Versa Grips - Can NOT do an upper body or deadlift day without these!
Weight Belt - (got mine on amazon but I'm hoping Santa brings me a Cardillo)
Bands - (The X Bands, Gains In Bulk, sling shot and Arsenal are my faves.)
Ankle Weights (the kind that wrap around your ankle. They even have them at TJ Maxx usually)
Ankle Straps -  I ONLY use IPR Fitness. This brand is THE BEST! Get em on Amazon!
Squat Sponge - I got mine through Gains In Bulk. But IRP also has a great one that I'm getting next!
Jump Rope
Battle Ropes

#5 - Meal/Gym Bag
6 pack, FitMark, etc. There are endless companies and endless styles.
I like the backpack and tote from 6 pack bags the best! I don't have a code buy lots of my FITFAM does. So hit me up if you can't find one and I'll get ya one!

#6 - Fitness Tracker/Smart Watch
I have an Apple Watch and love it! I had a FITBIT originally and loved it just as much! Style will depend on what type of workouts an lifestyle/needs your fitness lover has!

#7 - Meal Prep Company
Sometimes the most challenging part of living this lifestyle is .. meal prep. I enjoy making my own foods, but I'm not gonna lie, it would be helpful to AT LEAST have bulk meats sent to me in the mail! Some people would love to have ENTIRE meals. Whatever your fitness lover would prefer .. there is a meal prep company out there that offers it! Why not buy them 3 months, 6 months, 12 months of "meal prep". It's the gift that keeps giving .. especially someone who is pressed for time!
You can contact the meal prep companies to see about how you would go about this. Google for ones in YOUR town .. but here are a few popular ones that deliver nationwide. Feel free to search on Instagram for discount codes from athletes. If you can't find one hit me up and I'll get ya one!

#8 - Meal Prep Gadgets
Can't afford to buy people catered meals?! There are TONS of gadgets that will make meal prep easier! Here are a few of my favorites!!

- Quality Cookwear
- Waffle Maker (invest in a good one. I got mine on amazon)
- Ninja or other QUALITY blender/extractor (I just upgraded to the Vitamix 7500 and LOVE IT.)
- Spiralizer (don't get a cheapo one .. splurge for a nicer one .. it's Christmas.)
- Air Fryer (This has CHANGED MY LIFE. I got mine for 99 bucks on QVC.) That is a hyper link that takes you to the BRAND I purchased. This is just an UPGRADED one that looks to be even better than mine .. that they have on sale for 99 bucks right now!
- Crock Pot/Insta Pot (InstaPot is on my xmas list since it's both a slow cooker and pressure cooker.)

#9 - LuMee Phone Case
I bet your swolemate or fit friend loves taking selfies :) Then get them this case so they can always be in the best light!

#10 - Coach/Trainer/Gym or Class Membership
This is something they are gonna pay for anyway and it can be a big expense.
This is another "gift that keeps giving." But this is NOT just for competitors. SO MANY people are LOST when it comes to "getting started." I don't do this kind of coaching, but my coach and his team offers contest prep and LIFESTYLE clients! They are based in Arizona but have clients all over the world! The are called The Pro Physiques and you can check them out HERE. Make sure and tell them I sent you!

If you are in Vegas I suggest CITY ATHLETIC CLUB for a gym (If you need a trainer I can help you find one at City.)

For GROUP FITNESS in Vegas I suggest THE RIDE. I've discovered a new obsession... I actually LOVE spin class (well this one.) Hoping Santa gets me some classes!!! 

I also recently discovered the phone app AAPTIV. For $99 bucks a year you literally get ENDLESS guided workouts, walks, runs, cardio, yoga, meditation, stretching - even training for marathons!
So far I've only used it for guided jogs, stretching and meditation. But I LOVE IT!! This would be GREAT for someone who just wants some new ideas or needs some help with structured workouts (many can be done at home with no equipment.)

#11- Fitness/Motivational Books or Magazines
I don''t really have any favorite books. But ANY of the fitnes magazines would be a great little stocking stuffer!  Oh and your girl is gonna be featured in the Feb issue of FLEX MAGAZINE!!!
So isn't that reason alone to get a subscription, haha! 

#12 - Home Gym Equipment
Got space? Your a fitness lover that is asking Santa for booty gains? It may be on the pricier end .. but trust me on this one. THE GLUTE BUILDER.
Email me if you are serious and I'll get you in contact with distribution!

If you have a cardio queen on your hands ... search wholesale gym equipment places, craigslist, sporting goods sales, etc. for a treadmill, arc trainer, eliptical, stepper, etc.

Space saving barbell/dumbbells

FULL set of Workout Bands - there are tons of PKG Deals on The X Bands site.


Pull Up Bar

Yoga Mat

FULL Rad Kit (mentioned in detail above) *code: StacyM*

Any of the other "gym bag" items listed above (sliders, grips, ankle weights, jump rope, etc)

#13 - Competition Suits, Bling and POSING COACHING
If you have a competitor in your life you could take some of the stress away with a Gift Card for a new stage suit, shoes and/or bling!

My favorite is  CJ's Elite and I get all my bling and shoes from GLAM Competition Jewelry . Keep an eye on their Instagram Pages. They always have holiday sales! In fact I just saw them post on 12/8 they are doing 50% OFF Gift Cards!

As for POSING COACHING - I offer this! If you are interested in my pricing just shoot me and email and I'll send it over! For a Christmas gift I'll email you a personal video you can email them that is personalized from ME telling them Merry Christmas and what they are getting!

#14 - The Gift of HEALTH
If you now me at all .. you know that CBD has changed my life. If not .. check out THIS blog I did called HEALED NOT HIGH.

Even if your special someone doesn't have any kind of auto-immune (or other condition) that CBD helps with ... CBD is wonderful for EVERYONE and especially athletes! Right now THIS is the company that I feel comfortable suggesting and that I PERSONALLY USE!

There are so many other things I could think of. But these are my Top picks for now!

Merry CHRISTmas

**Some products and links may be AFFILIATE links. Meaning I may or may not recieve commission or product as part of a sponsorship or affiliation with the company. But please know that any product I post about I use and stand by.**

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