Tuesday, December 5, 2017

CBD Consumer Confusion: Not All HEMP Contains CBD

 CONSUMER CONFUSION: Does your HEMP even have CBD? The difference between Hemp Seed and CBD Hemp.

 Hey Fit Fam,

Several times a week I have people message me telling me they purchased “CBD” or have started “taking hemp” since reading my blog “Healed Not High”. 

While it makes me SO HAPPY to know that people are looking into the amazing healing benefits of CBD, what bothers me is that at least half of the people that message me have purchased a product from their local health store, etsy, or whatever popped up as cheapest in a google search. 9 times out of 10 it's either NOT even CBD or the purity and quality is unknown.

As for PURITY and QUALITY of TRUE CBD .. check out my blog HEALED NOT HIGH where I touch on ALL THINGS CBD!

But lets dive into where a ton of confusion lies. People seem to think that anytime they see the word HEMP .. that means they are also getting CBD. NOT THE CASE!

Hemp Seeds = NO CBD
Hemp Protein = NO CBD
Hemp SEED Oil = NO CBD

Although CBD can be derived from Hemp and neither oils have psychoactive effects like THC ... CBD and hemp oils are made from different parts of the plant and have different purposes.

Hemp derived CBD Oil (often labeled as Hemp Drops or Hemp Oil) is generally used for medicinal purposes, treating inflammation, pain, sleeping disorders and even certain types of epileptic seizures.

Hemp Seed Oil is made by applying pressure to hemp seeds in order to squeeze out the oil. But since there is almost no CBD in hemp seeds, there is no CBD in hemp seed oil!!

CBD is present in the stalks, flowers and leaves of the hemp plant (not the seeds.) Those componants are what is extracted to make things like Hemp Drops, Hemp Oil, Full Spectrum CBD Oils, etc., because they DO contain CBD!

There is substantial confusion in general, but it doesn't help that many companies are marketing hemp seed oils at crazy prices and often implying that the products offered contain CBD - when they do not.

You should carefully read the ingredient label on any food or nutritional product including CBD oil products. Just because a product says ’hemp-extract’ on its label does not necessarily mean that cannabidiol, or CBD, is the extract contained in the product. Considering that there are over 80 compounds contained in hemp, the term ‘hemp extract’ could signify an extract other than CBD. So you may be buying products labeled as hemp extracts under the impression that CBD is contained in the product, when there may be none! READ CAREFULLY and if you are still confused ask the company if it contains CBD. If they say YES .. ask for an an independent lab analysis of their product indicating the presence of CBD and how much! Speaking of "how much" .. remember that if a product does have CBD .. the mg listed on the front of the bottle (100mg/250mg/500mg, etc) is how much CBD is in THE ENTIRE BOTTLE .. not in ONE serving!

Bottom Line .... Hemp has been on store shelves for decades and even in many skin care lines contain hemp (remember the "Hemp Soap On A Rope" by Bath & Body Works) .. but these products are NOT CBD!

Hemp Seeds and Hemp products are GREAT for your health and have their own long list of benefits  but it's important to know that they do NOT contain cannabinoids! So by all means .. consume hemp protein, hemp seeds and slather on some hemp lotion. But if you are looking for the healing/health benefits of CBD .. you aren't getting it from those sources!

Also, remember that CBD isn't a "one and done" type product. You must use it every day! So while it's great that many smoothie shops are offering CBD add-ins (be careful with this as many are calling their hemp CBD when it's just hemp SEED oil as described above) ... you need to be taking it daily! So while it certainly won't hurt ya, one smoothie a week infused with CBD isn't going to provide medicinal benefits! Not to mention, you should ask these places HOW MUCH CBD they are putting in your smoothie! I wonder if they even know?!

There is one company that I currently use that is HC FREE because their CBD is derived from HEMP! SO they can ship to you legally! (read THIS blog for more).


here is the company I use

There are MANY other Hemp Based THC Free CBD Companies and products out there and lots of them are legit and trustworthy!

The big issue is PURITY. The black market for Hemp CBD is a sad reality. So I suggest YOU DO YOUR RESEARCH!ASK FOR LAB REPORTS and stay on top of doing so when you re-order ... to ensure you are using a QUALITY product. Otherwise you risk putting something into your body that is contaminated ... or contains no real CBD and is a waste of your money!

For the above reasons, you must use caution if grabbing CBD at a health store, gas station or grocery store. Legit brands are now starting to carry their products at these locations ... just familiarize yourself with the brand before buying! Many answers can be found with quick google search .. but if you want to be safe ... take picture, call or email the company with your questions, and buy it the next time you go to the store!  Chances are the sales associates and clerks at these stores have not been educated on CBD and would have NO IDEA if the product is pure/tested! Better safe than sorry!


** I am not a doctor. I am not an expert. I am not licensed. All information in this blog is based on my PERSONAL opinion and PERSONAL experience using CBD. I am not responsible for anything you all choose to do when it comes to THC, CBD, etc.**

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