Saturday, November 18, 2017

No Bean Sweet + Spicy Chili

Hey Fit Fam,

There really is nothing like a hot bowl of chili on a cold fall/winter night!

One problem ... I don’t personally find “soups” very filling .. even if they are loaded with lots of beans! I think it’s a “mental thing” for me and one reason I rarely mix my foods together and like eating them separate! So instead of putting all my carbs in the chili itself .. I like to make my it a little lower carb so that I can have my carbs on the side - in the form of maybe a sandwich, some cornbread, roasted reds, “fried” polenta, my rice cake creations…or whatever you think goes well with a bowl of chili! I won’t judge you if your side is Fritos .. because well .. Fritos + Chili is BOMB!

Me and the hubs had a Chili cook-off years ago and cooked up our famous Sweet & Spicy Chili and OF COURSE we WON because it’s so freaking good! That recipe is filled with all sorts of BEANS and several things to make the base, so I took that recipe and simply modified it with NO beans and  much EASIER base (easy as in .. out of a box .. ha.) I also added a "secret" ingredient to make it more VOLUME with less than ONE extra carb per serving and instead of basic ole grocery store stock - - I used a COLLAGEN based bone broth (one of my favorite products for gut health by the way.)

Feel free to add beans to this and use a basic chili base of diced tomatoes, rotel, tomato paste, etc.,  if you prefer. But this boxed soup I used was so full of flavor! It was the perfect chili base for sure (and if you like your salt they do have a full sodium version as well.)

If you make it please TAG ME on your socials and let people know they can find the recipe here on the blog!

NO BEAN Spicy & Sweet Chili
Makes FOUR servings
Serving Size (see notes at bottom***)
MACROS (using exact brands listed)
Calories: 238
Protein: 25.2
Fat: 7.5
Carbs: 16.8
Fiber: 2.5
Sugar: 9 
Sodium: 228.8

(*) One Container Trader Joe's Roasted Red Pepper Soup
(**) One Scoop Vital Proteins Collagen Bone Broth (Ckn or Beef) - Use THIS link to order with FREE shipping in the United States!
(**) One packet Miracle Noodle Rice - (Order HERE and use code STACYNOV for a discount in the month of November. If you see this at a different month just use whatever month it is --STACYDEC , etc.)
(*) 1lb Extra Lean Ground Beef (96/4 from Trader Joe’s)
(*) 1tsp Hot Sauce
(*) 1-2tsp Cumin
(*)1tbs Chili Powder
(*) 1/2 -1tsp - Cayenne Pepper
(*) 1tsp Brown Sugar
(*) 1/2-1tbs Cinnamon
(*) 1tsp Oregano - (I actually used 3 drops Doterra Oregano Essential Oil because I didn’t have any spice)

* Prepare Miracle Rice as directed. Set aside.
* Stir Collagen Powdered Bone Broth in a little bit of water and stir. I didn’t measure the water. Probably around 1/2 cup.
* Brown meat .. add all spices, the bone broth and the cooked miracle noodles and let all the flavors cook in for a little bit.
* Pour soup in crock pot
* Add meat mixture to crock pot
* Stir - let simmer for a few hours. It’s already COOKED so no set time. This just locks in all the flavors really well. I did low all day!
* Taste it to see if you need any more spices to your liking! Add whatever you feel it needs!! I used the higher end of all the spices listed above and still ended up adding a little more of most.

You can omit the Miracle Rice if you want. But this is something you can add to make it have more volume and a little more filling without adding any macros (An entire bag only has 3carbs.)

** You can omit the Collagen Bone Broth Powder and do some store bought stock. But this is SO much better and has TONS of gut benefits. It is an unflavored powder so you can add it to so many things for the benefits of bone broth! Believe it or not ... I also use a scoop of it in my Smoothie Bowls every day (recipe coming soon so make sure and subscribe.) Again .. you can’t taste it! In smoothies it just makes them fluffier! Since using one scoop of this DAILY for two weeks as part of my Vital Proteins collagen regime I have noticed a DRASTIC difference in my bowel movements! If you have any question about this Vital Proteins product or any of the others .. please Email Me! You can also check out the blog entry "Healing My Gut With Collagen"

*** People often ask me how I “track” bulk meals like this....simple!! I know that this recipe serves FOUR. So I just poured it all in a big bowl after it was cooked and measured it and then divided that number (in grams) by 4 .. that is a serving size! You can then put it in individual containers for each day or just remember that number and scoop it out each time! If you are serving this to a group and don't want to go to that trouble and want to try to guesstimate .. I noticed "one serving" was about
1 and 3/4 of a regular size ladle!

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