Thursday, August 17, 2017

RECIPE: Turkey & Blueberry Chevre Grilled Goat Cheese Sandwhich

Hey Guys,

There is a reason that I post most of my food in little 5 second snippets on my "insta story" and that is because I pretty much eat the same thing EVERY DAY (with minor swaps.) Plus if you look at it closely you can usually tell exactly what it is. Most of my food doesn't really have a "recipe" because it's just a bunch of foods combined together! That said .. many of the things you see me eat are already on HERE under recipes or products/reviews (or at least a variation of them) .. or in an old post on my Instagram! If you can't figure it out or find it ... please feel free to DM me on Insta!

I would post more recipes .. but if we are being honest .. they take TIME and my "engagement rate" and impressions are the LOWEST when I post ANY food, recipe or product review. So it makes me think that is what you all DON'T want to see! So if you want to see more ... give those posts more "love" ... comment .. .tag a friend .. make the recipe and tag me, etc. That way I know you actually want to see that kind of content!

Anywho ... a bunch of you went CRAZY over this "grilled cheese" creation earlier this week. Once again there isn't a recipe. It's just a bunch of food piled on some bread and cooked on the stove (cause I'm not a fan of cold sandwiches.)

I don't know what to call this except delicious!! But for the sake of the blog .. I'll call it a Turkey & Blueberry Chèvre Grilled Cheese!!

Side Note: No point in me including "macros" because they would change drastically based on what bread you use, what meat you use, how much cheese you use, how much honey you use, if you use coconut oil or not, etc.

Enjoy!! And if you want to see more recipes please go give my food/recipe posts some Instagram love!!


Turkey & Blueberry Chevre Grilled Goat Cheese Sammie
Amounts are individual and up to how many macros you want to use

Bread Of Choice (I have Celiac so I have to use GF Bread. See my Instagram Ppost on 8/14 about my favorites.)

Blueberry Vanilla Chèvre Goat Cheese from Trader Joe's (Goat Cheese is my FAVORITE cheese and typically people with gastro issues do pretty well with it. This cheese is ADDICTIVE and I could eat it by the spoonful.)


Turkey Deli Meat

Coconut Oil or Coconut Oil Spray

I cook my deli turkey in a pan before putting it on the sandwich because I don't like cold sammies and I don't usually like deli meat unless it's heated in a pan first. TOTALLY change the taste of the meat/sandwich! Trust me on this one!

Once "cooked" I take the deli meat off the heat and toast my bread a just little (I used a little coconut oil today cause I had the macros to do so.)

Once each side of the bread is just a tad toasty ... I take it off heat and spread on the goat cheese, honey and pile the already "cooked" turkey on top.

Put it back on the stove and cook like a grilled cheese!

Eat .. and lick the plate .. cause you won't want to leave a single crumb!

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