Thursday, August 24, 2017

#PrepWithPurpose - RIP Dallas McCarver

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Hey Fit Fam,

I woke up to three words on Tuesday.

Dallas. Is. Dead.

I sat up quickly and repeated what my husband had just said. It HAD to be a dream.
You see ... just a few short hours before ... I was scrolling Instagram in an attempt to fall asleep and Dallas McCarvers InstaStory was the last one I saw before I dozed off. He was cutting up. He was very alive and well. I had to be dreaming. But I wasn't. I grabbed my phone, logged into Instagram and there it was. Post after post after post ... a beloved member of our #FitFam .. dead at 26 years young.

I wouldn't call Dallas a friend. Some of HIS best friends are some of our best friends, so I certainly knew Dallas. I had many short and friendly conversations with him and interviewed him at Mr Olympia 2016. I also watched his socials often. He had a way of making you feel like you REALLY KNEW him ... even if you didn't. He was just as people are describing him .. a gentle giant.

So many tributes fill social media. Here are just a few from the people that knew him best.
Each is hyper linked so you can go to their pages and see the pictures and videos associated.


I write this with tears running down my face in disbelief your gone. I'm expecting you to txt me asking "what time we training champ?". I don't wanna leave that reality your not coming back, to walk into the gym again, and call my name... My little brother, one the strongest men I know yet a giant teddy bear interior, my daughters biggest uncle, my training partner, a confidante, a loyal friend, my family. We spend hours talking about life, setting goals, going for dreams not looking back and always focused forward. We always be laughing and joking, always have story's to exchange.You would always thank me for the smallest things, to training at the gym daily 2yrs later. The politest and hardest working guy in the room, although you say I motivated you, you motivated me! I'm sitting at the gym and can hear you voice "let's go champ" I have no motivation to train, I miss you, I can't believe I'm saying that, but I keep hearing your voice.
My little "big" bro I wish I could see you one more time. I love you i can't believe your gone.

Guy Cisternino
Dallas, I met you first at your first Arnold with BSN. We sat next to each other shooting the shit. I was busting your balls on how big you were and you were saying how crazy my legs were. I remember sitting there talking to you like a big brother, about the do's and don'ts of this industry. How to keep a clean slate, stay away from the BS. I even remember telling you your coach at the time who I knew was garbage and I remember that day he walked over to you and you dropped him like 3rd period math class. We always laughed, joked, had a good time together. As much as you said I motivated you, it was you that motivated me. You are a warrior! When we were in Australia and you almost collapsed on stage, when we went back stage and laid you down, you held my hand but didn't say anything. I remember telling you "I got you buddy, I ain't going any where." You opened your eyes looked at me and I saw the sense of relief seeing me there. From that day on because of what you said after you came too, I had a new found respect for you. You said to me "Am I allowed to still go back out and compete." And me of course I said no fucking way bro, you have noting left to prove, your a dam warrior! You were an amazing bodybuilder, but more of an amazing friend, son, and so much more. Bodybuilding was a small speck of the true kind hearted person you were. You will always have a place in my heart big bro. I was there to catch you once, and I would have given my life to be there to catch you this time. I can't believe the Lord took you from this world, but I know he know has his strongest angel above looking down on us all. I love you Big Country! You were taken too soon. We will all miss you every single day, and I promise you, you will never, ever be forgotten.

Eric Hart -  
I am making this post with a very very very heavy and broken heart, our good friend and little brother @dallasmccarver has passed away today at 1:03am. To Jackson and Adiena he was Uncle Dallas and that's the way I will always remember him, tea parties and lots of laughs. I still can't wrap my head around the police officer telling me he was no longer with us. It seems to be that the world is hung up on how he died, this is fucking ridiculous. No matter how he passed it was way too soon and one of the good ones that makes the world a better place is gone. The internet is full of rumors, speculations and a bunch of Fucking mental midgets waiting to crucify him for whatever to make their miserable lives seem better. Before the Internet warriors decide to come out and play, remember, Dallas was someone's son, someone's brother, someone's friend. Put all the bullshit aside for once and remember Dallas for the fun loving, big hearted, kind and gentle giant that he was. R.I.P. brother, we can't see you again soon enough.

Matt Jansen -  

One of my favorite shots of us just doing what we loved! I lost my best friend this morning who also just happened to be one of the best in the world at his job. He was so much more than just a bodybuilder and that's what I'm most sad about is that more people never got to see that side of him or gave him the time to truly notice. He came to life when kids were around, when he was taking about his dreams beyond the stage and he was the best couch football analyst you've ever heard! I love you buddy - thanks for believing in me and giving me my shot I'll never forgot all of our fun times and the impact you had on my life. I know you were younger than me but I always looked up to you and now I know you're looking down on me.

It goes without saying that this weeks Prep With Purpose will be in HONOR of Dallas.
I will lift UP his friends and family and FOR his memory.
I sure hope you join me.

So many people are hurting. My heart aches for all of them. Of course I will be praying for his family and fiance.... but also specifically for Pro bodybuilder Josh Lenartowicz (who is the one that found Dallas unresponsive and is prepping for Mr Olympia) and his very close friend and training partner Flex Lewis. Flex is a personal friend of ours and he is also obviously preparing for The O.

I can not imagine how this effects their prep both physically and mentally. I pray that they find the strength to PREP WITH PURPOSE. That PURPOSE being .. DO IT FOR DALLAS!! He lived and breathed this sport. Many said he was hands down a future Mr Olympia himself. Dallas would want them to keep going. I pray they dig deep and do just that.

In honor of Dallas .. The Dallas McCarver Foundation has been set up. 

The Dallas McCarver Foundation is a non-profit organization that raises money for underprivileged children. The Dallas McCarver Foundation’s ethos is “No Child Should Go Without!” - We are coming together to provide food, clothing, toiletries, books, and school supplies to those children who otherwise would go without. There are families struggling simply to make ends meet all over this country, and it’s our goal in Dallas’ honor to make sure that those children and families receive the support they desperately need! Dallas had a passion for giving back and he loved children, so with The Dallas McCarver Foundation we will fulfill his desire to give back and to those little ones he loved so much! Help us change children’s lives all over the country and maybe even one day… The World! We Love You Dallas! 

Here is the link to give what you can.

Even though his career was just starting....Dallas died a TRUE bodybuilding legend.
As we know legends never really die.
Lets all (as the FIT FAM) do what we can to help his legacy live on.

RIP Big Country .....


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