Tuesday, August 29, 2017

#PrepWithPurpose - Little Ayden

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Hey Fit Fam,

(less than) THREE WEEKS until Bikini Olympia! I can not believe it is almost here! I am embracing each day, following coaches orders and giving it my all. That is all I can do .. right?!

Each day I am motivated by someone else. I push through any excuses by lifting up and for someone that CAN NOT do what God has giving me the ability TO DO! That is what PREP WITH PURPOSE is all about! I hope you are joining me!

The past THREE people we have lifted up and for have been in our #FitFam community. I hope you continue to keep their families in your thoughts and prayers.

This week .. we have a tiny little boy .. fighting for his life .. that we will LIFT UP AND FOR!

After decades of working in news it is rare that I watch a news story that brings tears to my eyes.
Don't get me wrong ... things I see disturb me every single day. But being in the TV industry numbs you to a certain degree. It's been a while since I've been behind a news desk .. so I have noticed things are starting to "get to me" more and more with time. But it doesn't matter if I was sitting at home or behind the camera .. if this story about a 3 year old fighting for life doesn't tug at your heart and bring tears to your eyes .. well I don't know what will.

3 year old Ayden lives here in Vegas. He was diagnosed at 13 months after doctors discovered a massive tumor in the plural lining of his lung. He has gone through three different rounds of aggressive chemotherapy. After a LONG 2 year fight he has been put in hospice. But his mother refuses to give up on him.

The news story on Fox Vegas will tell little Ayden's story better than any blog I could write ever could.
So CLICK HERE to watch it .. then come back to finish reading.

This weeks PREP WITH PURPOSE will be for little Ayden. As he fights for his life ... with every rep and every stride I take .. I will be lifting him up and asking God for a miracle.

Little Ayden can't walk and cries every nigh due to the extreme pain he is in. I AM HEALTHY AND ABLE! I will NOT make excuses or take my ABILITY for granted! I will use little Ayden as my motivation and not only LIFT HIM UP but pray for his family that refuses to give up on him.

Hopefully you watched the story. If so, you saw that the ONLY hope doctors are giving Ayden at survival is a special treatment performed by doctors in either Germany, Boston or Texas. His single mom has to care for him 24/7 and is trying to raise money to get Ayden this treatment (and of course pay for already mounting medical bills.)

A BBQ fundraiser for Ayden is being this Saturday (Sept. 2nd) at 12 p.m. at Sunset Park in Las Vegas. A balloon release ceremony will be held at 9 a.m.

After the original FOX story aired .. FOX did an UPDATED story today (watch it HERE) as donations have been pouring in! As of Friday evening donations to help Ayden get treatment have exceeded well over 100 THOUSAND DOLLARS!!

You can read more about little Ayden on several other webpages:


Anyone can help Ayden with donations on his GoFundMe account or directly to a PayPal account set up (Go Fund Me takes a portion of donations.) His GO FUND ME page also has more on little Ayden's fight and updates on his condition.

Remember .. if you can't .. or do not feel led to give financially .. prayers are FREE!
So I hope you join me as we PREP WITH PURPOSE for little Ayden!


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