Wednesday, September 6, 2017

#PrepWithPurpose - In The Path Of The Storm

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Hey Fit Fam

It goes without saying that my thoughts and prayers have been with TEXAS since Hurricane Harvey devastated the Lone Start state.

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I remember seeing the devastation first hand when Nashville flooded and this is so much worse. Heartbreaking to say the least. My constant prayers go out to those communities and the many people that lost loved ones and are having to re-build their lives.

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Now we have Hurricane Irma  .. which has already caused total and deadly devastation and is barreling straight toward Florida.

I know this is not the "typical" PREP WITH PURPOSE .. but I feel like it's important to really put my prayer focus this week on all these folks ...for lots of reasons.

I am making the rest of this weeks PREP WITH PURPOSE not only TEXAS but everyone in the path of Hurricane Irma ....with special "lifting up and for" all of my Fit Fam that is in Florida and now has this added stress to their peak week for Mr Olympia!

The stress of competing in general, the stress of competing on THE biggest stage in bodybuilding, the stress of traveling .. and now the stress of having to leave their homes, families, animals, etc., with a MAJOR hurricane coming their way?! I can NOT imagine!! Not to mention that is all IF they can LEAVE. I know many people are trying to leave early .. but most flights are grounded. If the wait it out .. the may not be able to travel on their scheduled travel day pending the storms path, etc. So many unknowns and so many stressors.

Every time I start to stress about all that needs to be done in the next few days leading up to Mr. Olympia .. I will STOP and be grateful that I do not have the type of added stress so many of my fellow competitors have right now. I will pray for anyone that has already been a victim of these storms, anyone in Irma's path and for all my friends that are having to add this to their already very full plate.

I tend to stress out .. really easy.. and this really puts the "don't sweat the small stuff" thing into perspective.  I am able. I have a home. I live here in Vegas and do not have the travel stress. I am able. I have MINIMAL stress/worry in comparison to what other are having to deal with right now. With every rep/step I will lift up and for those experiencing loss and added stress.

Side note .. if any of my Fit Fam that are competing are reading this .. please do not hesitate to reach out and let me know if there is anything I can do since I live in Vegas!

And speaking of Hurricane Harvey .. I know there are SO MANY ways you can give .. but if you are an animal love like me and also happen to love Macro Friendly recipes .. a fellow Bikini Pro friend of mine is donating 100% of proceeds from her E-Cookbook to an animal charity in Texas! Here is the link to her Instagram Post if you want to order! I don't need any recipes .. but this was my way of giving what I can right now! The rest will be what we can ALL DO .. FOR FREE .. which is LIFT UP AND FOR all of these people during this difficult time!


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